Favorite Things About Japan (Part 5)

May 31, 2021
I have written about my favorite anime already, but this time I am taking a different path with this article. And probably will be the shortest os well. Every person both young and old loves cartoons. In Poland, and I think the rest of eastern Europe on the local
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Virtual World Of Games

November 23, 2018
This is a review of the awesome gaming system, EVER! I have a first generation Xbox that I go for my 15th birthday in 2004 and couple of games. My favorite titles are Simpsons hit And Run, Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix, Grand Theft Auto
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I Don’t know where to start on this one. Since the new millennium we have been introduced to new technologies and ideas. In recent years robots are becoming helpful. Maybe not like these but like Romba vacuums or Asimo personal office assistant. Japan introduced us to robots in past centuries ago with mechanical windup dolls. These dolls used tiny gears, levers and connections. Today they are programed by software… there are robots that help you with heavy lifting or disarming bombs and even assist in medical therapies. Japanese are on top place for robot production and technology research. The robots pictured here are research prototypes and they can be used in entertainment industry. Sadly according to many articles and presentations, robots are used for short amount of time due to overheating. And battery like on HRP-4C (pictured above) lasts between 15 minutes to 2 hours. Regardless the short usage battery technology is getting more and more advanced. These robots are very impressive! One cool teaching tool is used in one dental school. Who developed a robot patient robot that uses reflexes when feeling pain and also can gag when operated on. Now when the students can predict and see how their future patients behave in office during operations. Inconceivably, we still use plastic dentures to study oral hygiene. And with artificial intelligence advancing sooner or later we will have an robotic partner. Honestly I would prefer a human being. Computer robot technology development began a little after a popular original anime Astroboy premiered back in the 1960's. No offense to Apple's Siri, the Japanese really hit this one out of the park. 

FACT: In some Japanese pancake stands, robots cooks and serve meals. In Arizona one McDonald’s location will have robots that will replace kitchen staff and cashiers. But there will be someone who will have maintain them. 

Steve Jobs

I don't know if you would agree with me, but Steve Jobs is (in my opinion) the tech mogul and pioneer in the computer world. It is very hard for me to sum it up in one sentence. Jobs had found Apple in his garage with friend Steve Wozniak. The computers on the market were targeting people in the office and business fields. Steve Jobs and his team were creating products that are truly fantastic. At one point Steve Jobs was fired, but this have not stopped him. He created a new computer company, NEXT. During the absence of Jobs, Apple was on a edge of bankruptcy. He was brought back in 1997. I have no problem with other tech companies but I look up to Apple and how Steve Jobs overhauled the computer industry. No offense to Steve Ballmer, a former CEO of Microsoft but I feel like he way too bombastic. Just hear him scream in presentations and bash products like iPhone that they will not sell… boy he was wrong.   
DID YOU KNOW: Steve Jobs dropped out from college couple weeks into his freshman year.

Apple Technology

Apple vs. Microsoft… When we will put this stupid fight to the end? There are many Apple fanboys that many people are sick of hearing, constantly bragging how much they love Apple. And yes, I am one of the Apple fans too! I am not saying that Microsoft sucks but somehow many people prefer Apple. I am a former PC user and my first Apple computer was purchased in late 2005 (well it was my mom's but we both used it) and we both had iPhone's since 2007. Personally I am using iMac since November 2014 and I never touched a PC based computer again, but everywhere there is a slow PC somewhere running outdated version of Windows, there is no way avoiding an old Dell hoping you will not get a blue screen of death. You might be thinking why I put the computer in the inspiration folder. Here is why… Computers are being used since the 1950's and made slow transition from the office in late 1970's to our living rooms or bedrooms. Now almost every other home has a computer. The story of a computer is quite old. The very first computer was invented by Charles Babbage in England in 1800's. During the victorian times he thought if machines can help with mass production, it can help with office work as well. Technically it was a marvel that used many gears and dials. When he showed it, the community praised the invention but the board was rather concerned that it would be way too expensive to put into mass production. I admire Steve Jobs because not he threw the general rule of cuping out the window. Becoming successful had many obstacles… Steve Jobs took his time by observing and studying others. Later he took that idea and improved it. What Apple had made is very astonishing and if Steve Jobs would be alive today, he proud where the company is heading. Thanks too many dedicated engineers and developers in both Microsoft, Goggle and many others, their products can offer so much.

Favorite Things About Japan (Part 1)

July 25, 2017
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Favorite Things About Japan (Part 2)

September 8, 2017
When I look at Japan, I can't stop to thinking about their rich culture, people, innovative ideas that shocked the world. Anime and punctual train system is one thing but there are a lot of things that most of us do not realize. In my inspirations Read More…

Favorite Things About Japan (Part 3)

December 7, 2017
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Favorite Things About Japan (Part 4)

February 10, 2018
Some of you might say that I am an weeboo because I like Japanese things such as anime. It is much more than cartoon and toilets that can wash your button. And I have written already all about it. Recently I written an entry about few things that I Read More…