Favorite Things About Japan (Part 1)

July 25, 2017
In my inspirations I have briefly shared that I love Japan and animations like The Simpsons, Family Guy and Walt Disney. There is many things people like about Japan for the most part is their wide range of anime. Like many cartoons from any
July 25, 2017
In my inspirations I have briefly shared that I love Japan and animations like The Simpsons, Family Guy and Walt Disney. There is many things people like about Japan for the most part is their wide range of anime. Like many cartoons from any region of the world, have a genre. I want to share few of my favorite Japanese cartoons that I have found online and had put a smile on my face. I particularly like anime that falls into slice of life category. DragonBall and Pokemon are fantasy and these are one of the two tiles that come to mind. When I was a child, I remember channel surfing and I have stumbled Sailor Moon for example. But there was a higher chance that I would get any Disney VHS from my shelf. My mom liked stories that have a passion and soul, and she frowned each time anything violence related was played on TV or in the movies. Now that I am older, I understand the matter what is in realistic these stories and what's not. Now a side story… When I was entering 4th grade, my classmates started to collect Pokemon cards, others collected pogs (cardboard or plastic tokens) with pictures wild animals to movie characters or even random patterns. I have collected them. Each country markets their products very differently. When Pokemon pogs appeared in potato chips, kids went mad.
Now back to the topic. I don't want to get off track… many people who watch anime don't like slice of life genre, I don't know why. Here is my list of my favorite anime that is based on real life. I will tel you why I like it and why is is not that a bad genre. Here is a list of three anime that I found a pleasure to watch. I don't know if you if you have watched these series so I will not give away too many details.
3.) Clannad- I love those stories that involve high school sweethearts that do every activity together and end up getting married. In this two seasons series, the story revolves around Tomoya a 3rd year high school student, who sees the world as depressing and awful. His relationship with his father deteriorates after his mother dies in a car accident. His dad turns to alcohol and gambling and frequently Tomoya got into physical fights with him. After dislocating his shoulder Tomoya gives up after school sports. One day he meets a girl named Nagisa, who is very lonely because her classmate graduated year prior, she is repeating her year due to illness. Sanae and Akio, Nakisa's parents own a bakery, and due to poor heath for their daughter they wanted to stay close to her. Tomoya with nothing to do, spends a lot of his time with Nagisa. Nagisa was encouraged to restart drama club, a after school club that was disbanded after graduating students left the school. Tomoya also visits Nagisa when she is home sick even after he graduates and never leaving her side. With the illness again Nagisa is determined to finally finish high school after repeating the senior year twice. Tomoya's love for Nagisa grows stronger, and after finding out that his dad gets arrested for public drunkenness he losses respect for him. The only person who encourages Tomoya to talk with his dad is Nagisa. Tomoya and Nagisa being there for each other for better and worse, he asks to marry her, they they move in together. Nagisa decides to have a child but due to poor health, she may not be able to. After decliing abortion, she gives birth to a baby girl. Nagisa dies shortly after delivery and Tomoya to fall into long depression. Sanae, Nagisa's mother tells Tomoya that he has to put his life togher and has child to take care of.
2.) Welcome To The NHK- In any traumatic event don't you wish to just hide in your room and lock the door? Tatsuhiro is hikkikimori a term to describe a hermit type person, he only goes out at night not to interact with anyone and sits in a park near his appartment. Tatsuhiro lives alone and being unemployed and a college dropout he is supported by his mother. A young girl Misaki who works for a charity that helps hikkikimoris, asks Tatsuhiro why he does not get out from his apartment and he states that he works from home. Tatsuhiro later snaps after his next door neighbor played the same song continuously at high volume, it turned to be his old high school friend named Yamazaki. Afetr exchanging their life events, Tatsuhiro asks Yamazaki if he can borrow his college textbook for game developement. Tatsuhiro shows Misaki a borrowed book stating that he works for a game developement company. But old high school friend sees through Tatsuhiro's lies, who tries to impress a girl. Both friends decide to make a dating simulation game. Since Yamazaki has experience in software he is in charge of coding, audio and graphics, leaving Tatsuhiro with writing a script. After missing couple deadlines and achiving their big goal Yamaziki got fed up Tatsuhiro, telling him to try put his life together and finish their project. During Tatsuhiro's ups and downs, Misaki shares a story that as a child she was being emotionally abused by her father who beat was beating her mother. Misaki's mom commited suicide by jumping of the cliff. Misaki wanted to jump off like her mom to end all the pain and agony that both had to live though. Tatsuhiro stops Misaki from jumping and tells her that she has a meaning in the world and she is the only one person who cares about him.
1.) Tokyo Magnitude 8.0- This anime will move you very emotionally, so I will better prepare a big box of tissues because you will definitely shed few tears. The story revolves around a teenage girl Mirai and her younger brother Yuki. Mirai is at that age of adolescence that everything is horrible and people around her always complain. Yuki is a high energy kid, who is interested in robotic technology. Their parents are working and always return home late at night. It is summer vacation and like any kid wants to take a trip but it is really difficult when you have both parents working full time jobs. For the little boy, he doesn't want to see his parents stressed and get along. But for Marai, she doesn't care less and even when she got bad report card for failing a class. Yuki really wants to go out but overworked mother asks Marai to take him out. Since Yuki is into robots, Marai takes him to a convention center where the robot exhibit was held. After leaving the exhibit hall, both kids decide to buy something for their mom who will be celebrating her birthday. Mirai was complaining all throughout the trip but Yuki he was full of energy. Until unimaginable happened, a very strong earthquake right under Tokyo. With all the public transportation being suspended due to the quake, with a help of a good samaritan, who is a pizza delivery person named Mari. In the story, after experiencing emotional events, Marai realizes that you have to be grateful what life can bring you. With a humbling nature, Mari takes care of Marai and Yuki to find a ways back home.
We have one or two friends who are struggling with health, depression or went through a tragedy. Say anything you want… The reason I like slice of life anime is because you make a deep personal connection with the protagonist or other caricatures as the story develops. Some stories will make you cry and others will put a smile on your face. Each anime that you have watched there is one title you want to watch over and over agin.