Favorite Things About Japan (Part 3)

December 7, 2017
I have already shared my favorite anime and unique things about Japan from post-war recovery to robots. This is what I want to have in my house. As it comes to your home, Japan is awesome. I never been inside a Japanese, but I have seen many Read More…

Power To The Girls

December 2, 2017
This issue is rather serious one and I don't think I am alone saying it. This is probably the hardest entry I have written. As a guy, I think I have to say something. On behalf of all women, for about two or three years there had been a lot of news Read More…

Crazy Idea From Childhood

November 16, 2017
I loved my childhood and as an adult I still kind of reminisce those times. One of which it brings me to my list of most expensive hobbies. When I was a child I loved trains… I had a train set and I used to lay the track down on the floor or table of the Read More…

Dark And Cold Period Of History

October 12, 2017
Should I take look back at history or should I talk about politics again? There is a very very dark period of history that almost every country lived through. By the title you already can tell what it will be about… Communism and Cold War. What is Read More…

Favorite Things About Japan (Part 2)

September 8, 2017
When I look at Japan, I can't stop to thinking about their rich culture, people, innovative ideas that shocked the world. Anime and punctual train system is one thing but there are a lot of things that most of us do not realize. In my inspirations Read More…

Living In America

August 18, 2017
I have waited to write this for a very long time. This article is another part chapter of my life but it is not about my health condition or having fun in camp. This event I will cherish for the rest of my life! It is something great that everyone wants… a better Read More…

Daylight Savings Time Is Confusing

August 11, 2017
Everyday I go by the flow, whatever happens it happens. As a kid, I could tell time but I did not think much of it. As I grew older there are more responsibilities to be taken care of. But when I look at the clock dial, why we have daylight saving time? Read More…

I Am Heart Broken

July 13, 2017
I can not decide where am I going to put this entry. I decided to put this entry on my article page because it will benefit and give a you some clarification and insight what this article will be about. Earlier this month I had a team meeting at work and when I Read More…

Favorite Things About Japan (Part 1)

July 25, 2017
In my inspirations I have briefly shared that I love Japan and animations like The Simpsons, Family Guy and Walt Disney. There is many things people like about Japan for the most part is their wide range of anime. Like many cartoons from any Read More…

Love VS. Hate

June 15, 2017
I am very active news watcher. Back in October I wrote an article about politics and how it effects the public. While I was watching the elections results and I knew that Donald Trump will win and I was wishing for him to lose. Sadly that he won. I was Read More…

This Time Flys Fast

May 30, 2017
On May 18th, I turned twenty-eight years old. Through out my life I witnessed a lot! In few articles I have talked about my summer camp, technology and my struggles in life. The world had treated me very nicely so far… I have a job (finally). I began Read More…

Disabiled And Special Needs People In Eyes Of The Law

April 25, 2017
In recent months there had been a lot of police brawls between citizens. A lot of harmless people, from California to the east coast. Let me just say, I have a huge respect for the law enforcement from state police to your local officer. They put their Read More…

My Favorite Assistive Technologies

April 3, 2017
I have compiled a list with expensive hobbies in one of my articles. This time I'm going to list my favorite assistive technology we have today. I have written an article about assistive technology. And also I have wrote about my love for Apple and how Read More…

Helpful Or Harmful Drugs

March 23, 2017
For quite some time in the media there had been a lot of cover stories on drugs. Either it is a teenage od'ding on heroin or smoking synthetic marijuana they got off the street. The word synthetic means it was made in a laboratory, lets us take one Read More…

Music And Talented Family

March 11, 2017
I don't want to rub anything into your face and say that my family is the better than yours but I would say that they are unique. I am fortunate that my family had a big influence in my life in many way. I get encourigemt and we share a lot of stories. I have wrote a article about my love for j-pop groups and my application for music in general. I love any music… the end. It makes me happy and my day a pleasant.
I come from a very talented family… My mom is trained classically in music but her professional career took a different path. She is working with data management. My grandfather was a teacher, but sadly he died many years before I was born. If he was still alive he would love to having long discussions with me on all rage of topics and perhaps experiencing new things. The best of all he praised American life and culture, especially freedom. Communism had put so many restrictions.
Both of my uncles are musicians, Stefan is a composer and his wife is a music teacher. And other, Vladyslav is famous jazz pianist (the music is very beautiful), he travels everywhere and his wife is a poet and actor… I invite you to visit his website. My grandma's brother, Ludwig is an engineer. When I was a very very little I saw his huge drafting table. Now everything is drawn on CAD. CAD is an very powerful software for drawing up plans.
When I was asked, if I know how to play instrument or can sing… and the answer is no. I wish I cold play and if I did my instrument choice would be, electric guitar, maybe a ukulele or spin table. Some of music professionals and album collectors claim that techno is not considered music and frown upon it. On the side note… If you think that a ukulele is child's toy, you are wrong, it is a traditional instrument form Hawaii.
I have been surrounded by music since I could open my eyes and over many many years I know what genre is best and what are utter crap. My talents took a visual direction and I express myself through art. Just crank up the volume and isolate yourself in your sanctuary.

Budget Crisis

March 2, 2017
In my previous and rather lengthy article about the major differences between two political parties and how they influence each other and impact our life. From corruption to quality of life, or even economics there is always something to Read More…

Pipe Dreams

February 26, 2017
As a child, since I could do even basic math or count to backwards I wanted to be a train conductor. Especially high speed line types. It was super unrealistic pipe dream… I have gone on Amtrak jobs webpage in the past and the expectations are Read More…

Assistive And Adaptive Technology

February 23, 2017
In my previous article about 1980's and 1990's, I have touched on the nostalgia we all lived through. Now computers are so advanced that have many different awesome features… how many terabytes or how fast is the processor, but speech Read More…

New Year- New Chapter

January 31, 2017
My most favorite Holiday on the calendar would be Christmas. I love giving gifts to family and friends. But in recent years we do Secret Santa during Thanksgiving and buy a gift for the person's name we picked from the hat. I very much like the idea of it because, I don't need any thing. I usually get cash or a gift card.
The most beautiful thing about Christmas Holidays is love and togetherness. I love talking about and sharing my new experiences and activities or accomplishments in the past twelve months. Since we are in a New Year, we look a head to the future. Maybe is personal health, or success. It's very lovely to look at the past and reflect on the events that impacted us.
2017 is already eventful year. President got elected in November and sworn in recent days. Will this be the beginning of something better or a horrible chapter that will last years...? I don't know for sure but I have my plans and ambitions, and I will not be stopped achieving my goal. Since the job market is rocky since 2008, I had no idea what I want to do. My dreams were kind of outrageous and even though if I was capable of doing them, they will not exist. (Or they already are extinct.)
I think I am starting to like this website creation field. I am taking some online classes on iPhone application development as well and it is very interesting. There are millions of apps and games downloaded… some are fantastic and some are not as good. I have accomplished so much in 2015 and 2016 but this my new goal. In my mind I have an idea for creating an app, but what kind to create? Will other opportunities come in my future? I think thwy will.
Being a self-thought computer nerd really rules! Robots are coming in few years. But there wil be a group of individuals who will maintain the equipment and create new programs.