Favorite Things About Japan (Part 2)

September 8, 2017
When I look at Japan, I can't stop to thinking about their rich culture, people, innovative ideas that shocked the world. Anime and punctual train system is one thing but there are a lot of things that most of us do not realize. In my inspirations
September 8, 2017
When I look at Japan, I can't stop to thinking about their rich culture, people, innovative ideas that shocked the world. Anime and punctual train system is one thing but there are a lot of things that most of us do not realize. In my inspirations section. I briefly mentioned robots, tattoos and gardens… I feel like that is not enough, so I complied a list what I like about Japan. The list is not in any particular order and it is hard to pick number one. What do you think it's number one? I think I'll let you fight it over. Over the years, I have watched videos on daily life there. A lot of foreigners when they arrive in Japan they are in awe what they see for the first time.
6.) Post war recovery- Only one country that seen a execrated growth is Japan. What Warsaw and Hiroshima have in common is both cities were destroyed in the war. 1944 was Warsaw uprising, Poland tried to get the control of the city from the Nazis. Sadly Poland lost the war and exactly a year later, atomic bomb was dropped on the city. Both events resulted in 80% of these cities being destroyed. Unlike European countries, Japan never experienced communism and thus rapid economy growth.
5.) Food and drink- For a foodie Japan might seem to have boring food, rice and fish. You might think that France or Italy have good food but this wonderful Asian nation blows this into other dimemtion. Presentation is one things but Japanese managed turn food into art. Bento lunch boxes are masterpieces and it would be a shame to eat it. For snacks and soda drinks there is a bigger selections, unlike two or three flavors in America. For Japanese pallets such things like ice cream to potato chips come in flavors such as green tea to hot spices. Seasonal to limited releases flavors have a huge following. Green Tea Kit-Kat, anyone? In New Britain, Connecticut there is a tiny soda maker called Avery's, You have typical flavors and limited editions that correspond to special events. Even you can make your own custom flavor.
4.) Historical charm- people associate Japan with gaisha and samurais. Japan is an ancient nation with values and customs. I am rather fund of drinking teas and the Japanese tea ceremony is really something beautiful. Drinking tea is a drink that is many times being offered when visiting a tea house or a historical inn. I have wide variety of tea bags in my pantry but boiling water and pouring over in the cup is the most popular method we brew tea. Japanese way of preparing the tea is artistic. Matcha is powdered green tea and there are a lot more varieties. Certain flavors are consumed depending on the season. Japanese green tea can be used in baking as well.
3.) Otaku culture- Otaku is a Japanese word that means nerd or geek. But many associate geeks with calculous and science fiction. Otaku is a broad definition… There are anime otaku, computer technology otaku, collection otaku, toys otaku and the list goes on. And they are sub-categories of otaku as well and to my surprise I haven't realized that are so many. In America, a lot of people including my friends are heavily into sports. When it comes to me I like anime and it puts the smile on my face, I love computer related gadgets. I am an Apple guy and I say this proudlySome day when I visit Tokyo, I am going to Akihabara to experience an otaku culture. Sure, I might browse a huge selection of video games but most likely I am going to buy computer related peripherals. Are you an otaku, and if so what category do you fall into?
2.) Education and work- Over many years Japan values education and many kids strive for success. When they enter high school top priority is to get high grades and hopefully get into a good university. At the very young age children learn independence and self-reliance. Students keep the school clean by doing various chores. Something that American school system would frown upon to allow kids to clean. In all schools, children respect their teachers. In Japan education coricolum for math and reading is extremely high. As work is a concern it is pretty normal to come back home late at night. Many Japanese work themselves to over exhaustion. At a Japanese work place 9AM to 5PM office shift would be unthinkable. Yet people find a way to enjoy the onsen bath.
1.) Technology- Each and every year a new gadget hits the market. Japan really turns up the heat with every device being released. Walkman revolutionized the way we listen to music in 1979 and 1989 Gameboy revolutionized we play mobile games and again in 2005 with Play Station Portable. This does not end there… even a simple object like a toilet seems that is not even from this planet. Many countries love Japanese products and interpreted ideas or hires engineers to use their expertise. Quality of Japanese products is very high… no wonder buildings like their pagodas still stand today. Engineers always look for improvements and new ideas. As for cars, they run forever. What is your favorite Japanese product?
Bonus.) Architecture- I adore and I am quite a fan of their minimalistic design. American homes on average are 1000sq feet and Japanese architects manages to use every single inch of their houses, yet their homes are a lot smaller. Bulding a structure is rather complex but taking general shape are astounds me. Did I mentioned only residential homes? Large structures like Sky Tree a broadcasting tower with observation deck is built on small plot of land. In recent years there is a construction boom, American millennials are moving or building smaller homes.
One of the things that Japan is known for is very low crime rate. This kind of way of thinking is been around for centuries. The reason I did not put it on the list is that I prefer positive things. Japanese way of thinking is taking the world by storm. We are in 21st century and seems like everything is changing every few years. Not so in Japan, trends come and go and customs are being forgotten. Japan is a unique place where the tradition is vibrant and very much alive.