New World Order And Sadness

June 29, 2022
Summer is here! One of my favorite seasons. Since May is my birthday month, I turned 33. And as I grow older I see so much going on in out society. I don’t even know where to begin. I’m happy that the pandemic is under control and people are back at work and those who are traveling. And I hope it stays that way. But I am scared what future might
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What’s Next 2022?

February 21, 2922
Holidays came and went in the block of an eye. I can’t believe that February is nearly over. 2021 was a decent year and I can’t complain. 2022 is so far to a good start and I feel optimistic that it will be. Pandemic had changed so much that I can’t grasp my mind around it, at least somehow we are heading to normal. I am hoping and paying we will not
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