Thomas The Tank Engine - Get’s Real

April 20, 2021
There is something I have realized about something about Thomas The Tank Engine over many years of watching the cartoon. Thomas is a British animated series that is beloved by many children all over the world. Even some adults watch the show. Let me Read More…

Virtual World Of Games

November 23, 2018
This is a review of the awesome gaming system, EVER! I have a first generation Xbox that I go for my 15th birthday in 2004 and couple of games. My favorite titles are Simpsons hit And Run, Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix, Grand Theft Auto
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Matt Groeining

Matt Groening is a creator of the most famous family in the world, The Simpsons. It is the longest American animated series in the world. The dtysfunctioning family is based on his life events. The Simpson make fun at popular culture as well but a little more family friendly with a focus on mistakes and fixing them by learning a valuable lessons. The show draw laughter and controversies but still millions adore this bold nincompoop. I am quite a fan of Family Guy and The Simpson, I might of saw every episode two or three times. In many episodes Homer Simpson gots often drunk, put a town in danger, bad mouthed others for expressing his distaste for specific trends or situations and stood up for others who are weaker than others. And Marge a typical stay at home parent with three children. The creator based the characters around his family and himself.

DID YOU KNOW: That most of our animated shows, one 30 minute episode take about nine months to complete. It takes time to write the the script, draw and animate where the studio sends the material to South Korea where it perfected with color and animation. Koreans frown on the subject of American comedy, because particularly when a youngest character refers to an adult parent by their first name. In societies with highest respect to elders, particularly Japanese, Koreans and Chinese they see it as very rude and disrespectful. 

Seth MacFarlaine

I would be very embarrassed for you, if you said you love Family Guy but you haven't heard of Seth MacFarlane. A talented creator and voice actor for other shows like American Dad and recently Ted, an foul mouthed teddybear. With many productions under his belt Seth MacFarlane is also a musician. Every episode of the beloved show has rather interesting scenarios, for one of the examples Peter Griffin (the main character) is forced to see a school play and misses televised award show. And when watching his favorite shows everything started to be heavily censored because once actor had a wardrobe malfunction the night before. Then he starts his own TV station where he puts everything is X-rated. Or the one in which plays non-spot his favorite song from 1960's Surfing Bird. Being the creator it does not mean that he is on top of everything, each episode has very talented writers. Each episode mocks how ridiculous the world is and how we can make fun of it. But not everything is pink and fluffy bunny cute, there were some episodes that made rather negative headlines. In one Chris Griffin goes out on a date with a girl who has down syndrome, in one line she tells him that her mom used to be the governor of Alaska, Sarah Pailn. The joke was not aimed at her child but at the personality of the charter. The line was just a reference. Voice actor has down syndrome herself.

FACT: On September 11, 2001 Seth MacFarlane had to fly out to LA in the morning from Boston. He arrived late to the airport after a conference from night before and a heavy hangover, missing the flight that he supposed to be on hit one of the Twin Towers in New York City.

Walt Disney

I really love movies! Particularly action and comedy. I probably don't have to go to a deep details and explain why… When I was a kid I watched many animated shows and movies, one of which was Disney. I probably saw almost every Walt Disney film. Everyone of them is a masterpiece! As I am a adult I like more sophisticated materials, but it is fun to reminisce of the younger days. Disney brings smiles to billions of people. The very first Disney cassette was Pinnochio, my favorite part was when the hooligans turn into donkeys, for skipping school and vandalizing the theme park. I grew up on values and I guessing I was born a badass from the start. 
DID YOU KNOW: Animated films from Japan by Hiao Miyazaki's- Studio Gibli are dubbed by Walt Disney Studios for American market. Family Guy episode Adventure (Trip) To The Multiverse, animators and directors hired few of Disney staff and asked (and happily agreed)  to illustrate segment in which Stewie and Brian who visit the Disney Universe.

Uniqueness Artistry Bechind J-Pop

October, 18, 2016
My liking for j-pop came when I got a little bored with American music scene. Music has a lot of influences, one of which is inspiring, motivating or rebellious movement. Let me touch on three factors of inspiration… for example in the hippie era music Read More…

One Of My Favorite TV Show Was Fake

March 7, 2018
For an auto fanatic I wish could speak for any mechanic's behalf if I knew how to repair an engine. As I was in my middle school and high school years, I've seen shows like Monster Garage and Pimp My Ride. And to be honest these were only Read More…