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November 23, 2018
This is a review of the awesome gaming system, EVER! I have a first generation Xbox that I go for my 15th birthday in 2004 and couple of games. My favorite titles are Simpsons hit And Run, Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix, Grand Theft Auto
November 23, 2018
This is a review of the awesome gaming system, EVER! I have a first generation Xbox that I go for my 15th birthday in 2004 and couple of games. My favorite titles are Simpsons hit And Run, Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Pretty much anything that has to do with cars. Xbox is the only good product that came out from Microsoft. For Christmas in 2007 I got a Nintendo Wii. And my favorite game is Bully Scholarship Edition. And in September of 2018, I bought PlayStation 4. I have heard so many wonderful things about PlayStation. The Simpsons paved a way to Grand Theft Auto.

One, it outsold Xbox One by an astronomical numbers. Two, PlayStation has quite many interesting titles that are not available on Xbox. I am currently Grand Theft Auto V and I finished it. Is there anything better GTA? You can tell me in your words... When I was little the most popular game on the PC was Doom. I remember my oldest cousin playing it... I did not know what was the title after, I discovered a video on YouTube what games were popular in the early 1990's. But I remember how the graphics looked like.
When I got the computer my mom thought educational games would benefit and help me in things such as math. I thought otherwise, action games were more entertaining. I could not help it and I thought educational games were uncool. I remember, I got a game called Atlantis, but sadly I never installed and never played it. My first computer was very limited and not that powerful. Back to my review. Grand Theft Auto V came out in 2013 and it is a game changer. But I have seen numerous videos on YouTube and when I popped the game in, I was amazed how awesome the graphics are and you can interact with different situations in between missions, like you can help someone being mugged. With super realistic the missions are extremely fun. I felt like I was watching a never ending action movie. Grand Theft Auto is beloved by many people all over the world by both kids and adults alike. I guess the Mature (18+) did not stop anyone buying it the games. I have signed up for Grand Theft Auto Online and it is more fun and you can play with people all over the world. Who wants to raise some hell and join me on the PlayStation Network?
I was watching a video from couple years ago and it was a news clip that a child stole a school bus and he said that he got an idea from a video game after he go caught.. Children have wild imagination and ideas. Kids pick up swearing and doing drugs from peer pressure. And we have all watched movies like The Breakfast Club and series like Braking Bad, marijuana are just spices from your kitchen cabinet and crystal meth is just candy. Grand Theft Auto features drunk driving and heavy drug use but nobody in a right mind will drive drunk or do heavy drugs. Stop blaming video games! It is not their fault. If you steal a car in real life and floor it, you either crash and die crashing into a wall or getting pulled over by police. Kids will not do these things, no parent will allow a teenager drive a car without permission. Some people don't register the differences between reality and fantasy. For instance, Tony Hawk game settings will let you play on a busy streets or abandoned warehouse. Responsible person will skate in a park or infront of your house, unless you a special kind of stupid.
In South Korea, video game addiction is an epidemic. Some kids have died after playing hours on end without any rest. Thankfully there are boot camps that will put a child or teen through a session, putting the person through a detox. They teach campers that work and education comes first. Video games supposed fun. And these kids were taught to play video games during their leisure. Video games should be a reward after a hard day of work or studying.
I saw a commentary video that that an old woman in her early 90's says she loves to play puzzle games on her Nintendo because it keeps her mind active. Video games are awesome part and what I find it cool about video games, yes it keeps your mind active but it will help you make quick decisions and help you with problem solving. If you are playing online, you might even learn about teamwork. Games have a meaning.
For example, Grand Theft Auto is not just stealing cars. Grand Theft Auto V is about three men from different walks of life, Franklin a young man who is a repossession man working for a crooked car salesman who over charges people want to buy a cheap car, joins other characters on adventures of crime. Michael a married man with two children who is a retired bank robber going through midlife crisis, trying to get back in the game. And Trevor, very dangerous man who is a sociopathic meth dealer. And these three protagonists go on heists together and earn huge sums of money. And missions are so much fun.
The game I am currently playing is Mafia III. And the plot is interesting. Protagonist is an Vietnam War veteran named Lincoln. After returning he is trying to fit in because being Black and part Italian he witnesses racism and hate just because he has dark skin. But the real story is that his friend's father made a deal with a mafia from Haiti. Haitian gang is trying to kill Lincoln, his friend and family after massive amounts of loan money is not being payed up. The mission is to get rid of the gang and competitions. The game is hard core and just like in real life there was so much going on in the 1960's, from soldiers returning home from war and civil rights movements to rise in criminal activities.
And there there is Bully. Just alone title will make you cry. Not so, the story is about a 15 year old boy, Jimmy who happened to be sent to a worst boarding school in the country while his newly wed mom is on the honeymoon with her new husband. Jimmy's mission is to help his fellow classmates to coexist in a school where different cliques are at each other's throats. Missions involve school yard shenanigans. For example instead of a gun with bullets, you use a slingshot and a spud (potato) gun. Just like Grad Theft Auto the missions are fun and have a humor that is appropriate for a child. Instead of getting arrested, you are forced to serve detention and do chores when caught.
So, journalists who bash and label video games as being bad for kids and that they are a waste of time, let me tell you something, calm down! If a person for example lives in an foreign country a like in Asia or Arabia, player can make friends in let's say America or Australia and learn how speak and improve their English linguistic since many people communicate in English now a days. Plus, it can relief stress from school or work. Instead of picking fights, you can beat up or shoot fictional characters. Who has been in an situation that you wanted to beat up your school bullies or your coworker? Also, people who play games like Call Of Duty, you can learn values of teamwork, quick thinking and strategy to decide your next actions.
What is the biggest disappointment in the entire game? Since women and girls of all walk of life want to be acknowledged. And Grand Theft Auto series is targeted for males and main protagonists were men. And women play a secondary characters. And I bet at least handful of girls play Grand Theft Auto and just as well or better than boys. I would love to see main female role in the series. Girls rule! I love Rockstar games and hope that will listen to us fans.
I always wondered, why Nintendo will not release a game that is rated Mature? The only game for the Wii that has an adult rating is Call Of Duty. Nintendo products are beloved by many people of all ages and they games are family friendly and thus no adult games on Nintendo products. What is your favorite game and gaming console?
I am looking for friends to play with on the PlayStation Network. Search my name, EeroSendTheKey. Let's raise some hell in GTA Universe. Games will live on but you will never forget the classics. I think my generation will continue playing video games. I can just imagine my grandchild going through my closet and finding my PlayStation and asking me what it is.