Helpful Or Harmful Drugs

March 23, 2017
For quite some time in the media there had been a lot of cover stories on drugs. Either it is a teenage od'ding on heroin or smoking synthetic marijuana they got off the street. The word synthetic means it was made in a laboratory, lets us take one Read More…

Advancements In Medine

March 30, 2020
I haven't made an entry in article section in a long time. As we rang 2020 with fanfare and pretty much everything was either uneventful to totally crazy. And we are not even halfway through. With an outbreak of Covid-19 or Corona Virus that Read More…

Cure For Neurofibromatosis?

October 30, 2016
With the joys of art and common topics with my visitors, I want to touch on something that I have and can't get rid off. It's something that can't be cured. But it can be treated to minimize the effects. I was born on May 1989. To be clear I don't Read More…

Childhood Cancer- The Horror

December 9, 2016
In my article about Neurofibromatosis I touch on few things about my health but I never touch on cancer in detail. What is cancer? Well… it classifies in many categories. Don't want to list them all because I am not familiar with any and there are a lot. Cancer can be spontaneous and genetics or caused when you are smoking cigarettes or eating large amounts of poison. Often this kind of damage can't be reversed. But you can prevent it by eating healthy and scheduling regular doctor visits.
If you look at childhood cancers and it's the worst. Not only a child suffers the entire family does. A kid should be enjoying life horsing around with friends and enjoying family time, going to school and taking long vacations. Some children are so sick they can't even go out. In some cases with weak immune system.
I went through chemotherapy and I was not happy about it. Only school life could make me cheerful and something to look forward to and it kept my mind off medicine. Regardless it made me healthier.
Besides yucky treatments, I know how it feels because I went every week for almost two years. And if my blood count was low the visit was postponed and I got extra platelets. Personally I don't know how I can describe the sanction. But just imagine the worst kind of feeling. And even I had a vomit in my mouth and felt like I had be in school!! Call me crazy but, I don't not want to miss any day of school. If I felt sick I ran to the bathroom if my gut did turn inside out. Sometimes I fell asleep in class, because side effects of chemo is upset stomach, nausea and weakness. Somehow I was getting away with it.
How does the chemotherapy feel like? Well… that depends on your cancer treatments. In some cases you have to take steroids to have an energy boost. And I did have to take them, at one point blood transfusion was necessary. The powerful medicine will make you lose your appetite... If you are a foodie aficionado you probably will not have to worry. Will there be a chemo pill that can substitute the liquid kind? Hopefully some day.
In other story, I have lost a good friend named Justin to cancer, he was 22. We met at the hospital when we were teenagers… we went New Orleans with two other kids. When he went to college, sadly his cancer returned and hoping my friend would get healthy again, he never came beck home. He died few days before Christmas in 2011. He loved New York Yankees and New York Giants. With the love for sport he wanted to work at ESPN, operating camera and other video equipment.
Kids, teens and young individuals like myself shouldn't die regardless the connection they have. People who die of cancer at tender of fifty something, and that is still too young. When I look, one of my idols like Steve Jobs, he said he was sick and had pancreas cancer. He was 56 when he passed. Steve Jobs had worked to the every end. I don't know where I've read it or heard it, but somehow kids react better to treatments than adults. But cancers can return with a vengeance and sometimes sadly there is no more hope. Way too many good people die young. Cancer should be a thing of the past and eliminated for good... once and for all!

Daylight Savings Time Is Confusing

August 11, 2017
Everyday I go by the flow, whatever happens it happens. As a kid, I could tell time but I did not think much of it. As I grew older there are more responsibilities to be taken care of. But when I look at the clock dial, why we have daylight saving time? Read More…