Seth MacFarlaine

I would be very embarrassed for you, if you said you love Family Guy but you haven't heard of Seth MacFarlane. A talented creator and voice actor for other shows like American Dad and recently Ted, an foul mouthed teddybear. With many productions under his belt Seth MacFarlane is also a musician. Every episode of the beloved show has rather interesting scenarios, for one of the examples Peter Griffin (the main character) is forced to see a school play and misses televised award show. And when watching his favorite shows everything started to be heavily censored because once actor had a wardrobe malfunction the night before. Then he starts his own TV station where he puts everything is X-rated. Or the one in which plays non-spot his favorite song from 1960's Surfing Bird. Being the creator it does not mean that he is on top of everything, each episode has very talented writers. Each episode mocks how ridiculous the world is and how we can make fun of it. But not everything is pink and fluffy bunny cute, there were some episodes that made rather negative headlines. In one Chris Griffin goes out on a date with a girl who has down syndrome, in one line she tells him that her mom used to be the governor of Alaska, Sarah Pailn. The joke was not aimed at her child but at the personality of the charter. The line was just a reference. Voice actor has down syndrome herself.

FACT: On September 11, 2001 Seth MacFarlane had to fly out to LA in the morning from Boston. He arrived late to the airport after a conference from night before and a heavy hangover, missing the flight that he supposed to be on hit one of the Twin Towers in New York City.