Power To The Girls

December 2, 2017
This issue is rather serious one and I don't think I am alone saying it. This is probably the hardest entry I have written. As a guy, I think I have to say something. On behalf of all women, for about two or three years there had been a lot of news
December 2, 2017
This issue is rather serious one and I don't think I am alone saying it. This is probably the hardest entry I have written. As a guy, I think I have to say something. On behalf of all women, for about two or three years there had been a lot of news regarding rape, sex assaults and molestation accusations in the headlines. I must say, there were incidents in the past but it not in this such scale. Some have not been reported, something had been said or done and we treated it like it wasn't a big deal. I will briefly say, how women are treated in a work place.

I am a responsible person and I have to say it from the men's perspective that we see women different perspectives and feelings to issues surrounding our society. I want to very clear… females are scared and as of recently they break out of their shells. Why…? World dominated by males is declining. The life of a housewife is dead, and virtually all the years of taking care of little ones, cleaning and cooking all day are gone. And women grew tired of it and are recognized more and more. But it's individual's choice.
Women had experienced so much throughout many decades of emotional torture. Women can vote, run for public office and there are many who are CEOs in charge multi-billion dollar companies. We should look up to females more and listen to them. I have a huge respect for all the girls from all walks of life, who is not afraid to stand up for herself and over power men.
You hear that females are objectified in a office or in this article media. For example, I will use rap music for example. Lil' Jon for example has quite many songs objectifying females, Get Low is one of those songs. I have listened to it and I vaguely remember that these particular songs were played in my school dances. Good dance song, but I preferred songs which were edited (without vulgarity), but still you had a hunch what was the song about. My musical taste has changed as I started to listen to J-Pop, but I am not saying that all rap music is like this but these one of many songs in particular. I wouldn't allow my kids listening to this and kids are imitate bad things way too much these days.
As I watch movies on TV or when I listen to music, I admire how musicians, actors, directors and producers pour their hearts and soul out into their craft. But it's horrifying that a female is coming out that she was experienced inappropriate conduct by her colleague when she started working. I am appalled that a man who is respected actor or music artist or even a high ranking politician, who abused or violated a female for their own perversive needs just because they are famous… what makes them think they can that? Just because you are your name is plastered everywhere, laws don't apply to you? Many careers are now ruined. Bill Cosby, a sitcom actor or Matt Lauer, NBC news anchor, these are just few names. And recently Roy Moore, a Alabama senator candidate… we'll see what happens later to him. There are so many names I lost count. It's just terrible, sad...
Regardless your status, a person should admit their faults and actions… no matter their gender. I am surprised that many women came forward claims that she witnessed inappropriate behavior. Why women keep their emotional and psychological stress under wraps for so many years? No matter, everything should be addressed and everyone should follow their work ethics, so these disgusting things wouldn't happen.
There is a difference between convictions and accusations. When a person is accused of something, it means that they might have a blemish. And speaking of accusations, when multiple people come out pointing fingers, probably that person might have something to hide or done it in the past, the truth sooner or later will come out. When you have been finally convicted, you can't hide it. Plus, if you have a millions of dollars in your bank account, it does not mean you can do want ever you want. Your money is worthless and you can not heal the pain that was caused. Pain and suffering of the victims will remain forever. And there are more people being accused and it will not stop anytime soon.
What sickens me most of all, are the pedophiles. Children are insist and don't understand when they are being taken advantage of and also can not express that is appropriate or not. Even they were able to, are scared to tell their relatives that they were touched because something bad might happen. And it is a huge bombshell when they come out with their story in their adult years. Sex offenders should be castrated, because jail will not work and they will do the same thing upon returning to the free society.
As I touch on ethics at work place, a person has to be on their best behavior. Is it a good idea to make a compliment? Yes, only how great job they are doing. Is it alright to buy gifts for your co-workers? My answer would be, it varies. A wacky desk calendar or gift card would be fine. Is it appropriate to touch? No! This should be obvious, high fives are fine. Is it OK to go out with a co-worker who is opposite gender on a date? Yet again no. Is it alright to go out to drink with your colleague? Invitation only. Can workers date each other? No! All those incidences that happened were foolish. Bill Cosby lost everything that he worked for. Matt Lauer got fired and everything with his name will be gone. And Roy Moore… why he is still campaigning? Do the decent thing and quit! Perverts should not be supported.
Seriously, with all the people in the world, Herbert The Pervert from Family Guy has more decency. If we had a time machine so we could all go back to those events and say, "No don't touch me!”before this events happened, the out come would be very different. I want to say to all women, that you are an inspiration to others and I stand together with you. Girls body is a temple and her feelings and personal boundaries should be respected. It's about time that someone said something.