Music And Talented Family

March 11, 2017
I don't want to rub anything into your face and say that my family is the better than yours but I would say that they are unique. I am fortunate that my family had a big influence in my life in many way. I get encourigemt and we share a lot of stories. I have wrote a article about my love for j-pop groups and my application for music in general. I love any music… the end. It makes me happy and my day a pleasant.
I come from a very talented family… My mom is trained classically in music but her professional career took a different path. She is working with data management. My grandfather was a teacher, but sadly he died many years before I was born. If he was still alive he would love to having long discussions with me on all rage of topics and perhaps experiencing new things. The best of all he praised American life and culture, especially freedom. Communism had put so many restrictions.
Both of my uncles are musicians, Stefan is a composer and his wife is a music teacher. And other, Vladyslav is famous jazz pianist (the music is very beautiful), he travels everywhere and his wife is a poet and actor… I invite you to visit his website. My grandma's brother, Ludwig is an engineer. When I was a very very little I saw his huge drafting table. Now everything is drawn on CAD. CAD is an very powerful software for drawing up plans.
When I was asked, if I know how to play instrument or can sing… and the answer is no. I wish I cold play and if I did my instrument choice would be, electric guitar, maybe a ukulele or spin table. Some of music professionals and album collectors claim that techno is not considered music and frown upon it. On the side note… If you think that a ukulele is child's toy, you are wrong, it is a traditional instrument form Hawaii.
I have been surrounded by music since I could open my eyes and over many many years I know what genre is best and what are utter crap. My talents took a visual direction and I express myself through art. Just crank up the volume and isolate yourself in your sanctuary.