Love VS. Hate

June 15, 2017
I am very active news watcher. Back in October I wrote an article about politics and how it effects the public. While I was watching the elections results and I knew that Donald Trump will win and I was wishing for him to lose. Sadly that he won. I was
June 15, 2017
I am very active news watcher. Back in October I wrote an article about politics and how it effects the public. While I was watching the elections results and I knew that Donald Trump will win and I was wishing for him to lose. Sadly that he won. I was hoping that Bernie Sanders will win the at least a nomination. Then we get to racism. When Trump decided to run, how you noticed more hate crime and riots? I certainly feel that way. Being a President of a nation is hard tedious work. Not only you have to maintain the budget, sign bills into laws, dealing with people who you hate and keep promises to make citizens happy. I respect our President but there is something to criticize and address. One is racist propaganda. Something tells me he will be impeached in few weeks.
America had its history with slaves from African continent and racial segregation, and few working Irish had their problems, Chinese, and handful of others. Everyone was against one another. I will share a little history lesson. And you might lean something from this. When America was at war to have the independence from the British and Confederate States, many nations came to help us like France, Poland and many others. There are quite few monuments depicting our foreign fighters are quite everywhere.
America seen a lot since new settlers made this great land their home. United States Of America is a huge melting pot of cultures and a smorgasbord of diversity. You have many people from all of the countries in the world. You want to share your culture with others by giving your friends souvenirs, listen to music or even sharing food. But there is something we all like to do… racial stereotyping. As a joke it can be quite funny. Like drinking alcohol and they can be very hilarious.
Now there are many negative labeling to certain individuals. There are a lot of them. When our President spoke out that Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists, I got very disgusted. First, all nations have drug problems now and then. Second, Mexicans are people like you and me. They are hard working and if they can not wind work to support their family they move some where else. Third, Mexico has it's own problems but illegal drugs trade as well. Why do we have to point fingers at one group of people? In nations like Columbia, drug problem is even worse. Army has to escort police prison bus taking inmates to jail and to refuse any situations involving gang crimes.
Immigrants make this country very special for many reasons. Foreigners want to share and preserve their culture in a new home. Their country of origin is at war, there is no job opportunities, and the list goes on. Some foreigners who do move here, they never look back. I have watched documentaries about different societies and read couple articles to culture myself. And I see how different regions of the world behave toward foreigners. Many are very welcoming, many are cautious and some hate them. Everyone who immigrates whatever the reason and calls America their new home, goes to work, pays taxes and follows the law should be allowed to stay. To stop the hate, we should stop and ask ourselves why we are bullying someone who is different. Talk to them and learn how they are really like.
I have couple of Black and Latino friends and there is nothing negative to say about them. Some want to study like in Yale or Harvard or even maybe start a career of their own. and some want to cause trouble. We are all a like. We have our passions, dreams and hobbies. We have many things in common and friendship is one universal color.
I have also two or three Muslim friends from school. And to be honest they are no different then me for you… We share the same daily routines. They go to school, they go to work, return home watch some sports or anime on TV and so on. But banning them because they practice different faith than your own? I'd say that you are a racist ogre. And I think there is a problem with your plans in the muslim immigration policy. Of course, I wouldn't want a terrorist living next door to me and they would not want them living in their neighborhood either. I only see two kinds of people, law obeying members of society and criminals. We can check on that soon as you step of your flight and your backroad check will determine if you are welcome. And besides not all Muslims are bad people. Just look at Catholics in middle ages, they were barbaric. And I feel bad for people with a Islamic decent when they are yelled at or beaten up on the street. They did nothing wrong! And should we feel scared as it comes to immigration in general no matter what is your religious faith? Of course not.
We are all the same on the inside. Let's just say, if I got married right now and was asked by uninformed person, for example why did I want to be with Japanese woman? My answer would be, so what if they bombed Pearl Harbor. I love my wife because she is beautiful, we share the same hobbies, I am hard working man and I have earned her father's respect. What if I had a Filipino wife? The answer would be exactly the same that she wants for both of us to be comfortable and happy, that we spent time together and that we help each other around the house or if a family member needs help we pour all the love and caring support for them. What about African-American or Latino? I will give you honest answer right now… all of the answers may differer but the reasons are the same. We love each other and thats the reason we why we got married, period!
To finish of I want to add also, many year ago multi racial marriages were taboo or even in couple places illegal. Back to the topic, we immigrate to new land for better life and we chose who ever we want. Love is colorblind, we are all the same on the inside and love always wins.