Steve Jobs

I don't know if you would agree with me, but Steve Jobs is (in my opinion) the tech mogul and pioneer in the computer world. It is very hard for me to sum it up in one sentence. Jobs had found Apple in his garage with friend Steve Wozniak. The computers on the market were targeting people in the office and business fields. Steve Jobs and his team were creating products that are truly fantastic. At one point Steve Jobs was fired, but this have not stopped him. He created a new computer company, NEXT. During the absence of Jobs, Apple was on a edge of bankruptcy. He was brought back in 1997. I have no problem with other tech companies but I look up to Apple and how Steve Jobs overhauled the computer industry. No offense to Steve Ballmer, a former CEO of Microsoft but I feel like he way too bombastic. Just hear him scream in presentations and bash products like iPhone that they will not sell… boy he was wrong.   
DID YOU KNOW: Steve Jobs dropped out from college couple weeks into his freshman year.