fb_warszawa_panorama_med_hrI am from Poland originally and I am proud to be Polish-American. Poland has many influences impressing  the world. Throughout the history this beautiful country had been through a lot. World War I, World War II, and a rule of Communism. One time throughout history Poland was wiped from the map. We take a big pride in our heritage people who are very talented and take achievement seriously. Warsaw is one of those examples. During the Warsaw Uprising in August 1944 and rebellion against the Nazis and take back whats ours, sadly we lost… causing many fatalities and 80% of Warsaw was destroyed. Exactly one year later United States drops two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This big modern city was built from its ashes after the war. The real end to all the wars ended in 1989 with an end to communism. Poland joined the European Union in 2004. All the victims who died in the wars, they wouldn't recognize the city where they once lived. But would be proud how Poland changed.
FUN FACT: Warsaw is still expanding and improving daily life of its residences. After excavating, building or remodeling many artifacts were found. From currencies left behind in the basements, also active bombs and missiles that failed an airstrike. Throughout Poland, many buildings that survived the war, they still have visible bullet holes.