My Favorite Art

October 5, 2018
What is your favorite art piece? Who is your favorite artist? The answer may vary. Art has been with us for hundred thousands os years. Art comes in many forms. When I visit art museums, it makes me happy and sucks me in and captures my
October 5, 2018
What is your favorite art piece? Who is your favorite artist? The answer may vary. Art has been with us for hundred thousands os years. Art comes in many forms. When I visit art museums, it makes me happy and sucks me in and captures my imagination.
As I was creating my webpage and writing my entries left and right for about two years now, I have wrote short article about art and museums. As I look at art and visit many museums, I like modern art the best. But there are many art pieces that inspire the world. I already made few lists from hobbies to technology. I can't choose my favorite painter or sculptor. So I don't know if top list will be appropriate, but I can point out two or three artists that shocked the world or inspired my crazy mind. And I'm not talking about Lady Gaga's gut twisting meat dress that shw wore couple years ago to the music awards. I will go right into it. Here a couple of artists I find interesting and have a deep meaning and shocked the world.
1.) Ai Weiwei- From China, he is the living artist that thinks like nobody else. Due to heavy censorship in the country, he was on the house arrest and the government kept watchful eye on him. His pieces are criticized in throughout China. But he is a giant middle finger for anything deemed restrictive or offensive in his eyes. Due to his controversial style, Ai Weiwei's website and social media accounts were monitored. And he believes that everyone should have a freedom to express themselves for whom they really are.
2.) Norman Rockwell- He kind of falls into an illustrator category but remarkable artists as well. This man drawn many covers for Sunday Evening Post newspapers for many years. Many of his works depict people in many different situations like Thanksgiving dinner, family holiday or a child finding out that Santa Claus is his dad. My favorite painting is The Girl With Black Eye, the girl is proud of fighting in school and sent to the principal's office. Norman Rockwell seen everything and put them into gorgeous masterpieces.
3.) Seth MacFarlaine- I briefly talked about him in my inspirations section. He is very talented man. He composes music and is a well known face of Family Guy and American Dad. Many Family Guy episodes were heavily criticized for graphic situations like domestic violence or extremely sensitive topic of abortion, this episode never seen air waves. But that did not stop him! As a person who knows handful people with disabilities, in the the episode where one of the main characters is dating a person with Down Syndrome, former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin said that it made fun of her child who has the same disability. And that was false! The voice actor, Andrea Friedman said that she has Down Syndrome as well and the joke wasn't in any means to offend anyone.
4.) Thierry Guetta- Also know as Mr. Brainwash, a street artist taking inspirations from artists like Banksy. Street art is a unique concept that is temporary work be permanent. Some say that graffiti is vandalism but they are wrong… If I had a store front, I would not mind if I had a funky sculpture or splashes of paint on my walls. Mr. Brainwash and number of other artists, like Banksy have sold their pieces and they are worth thousands of dollars. I find street art cool, different pieces tell a story of events in our society. I like pieces that are funny and quirky, and the ones that I love are the rebellion against something evil.
5.) Megumi Igarashi- Human body is an art of it's self. Japanese artist drawn heavy criticism in 2014 after 3D-printing a kayak that looks like a vagina. Many of her pieces features her private parts that she casts using a molding compounds. Since Japan has a strong censorship laws, she was charged for obscenity… many people came in support and fought for her. She won her case after over 20,000 came to her diffidence. Displaying genitalia in Japan is illegal from comics to even adult films that display exposed genitals are pixelated. She is a strong advocate, and her mission is make human genitalia acceptable in the society.
6.) Jackson Pollock- The concept is especially simple. Abstract art is cool and unique in the own way. Each work may look the same but each one has a different meaning or message and form, although you may think it has no meaning at all because it is just splashes of paint here and there, your brain will controls your paintbrush but will never predict where the drops of paint you thrown land. One of his paintings costs millions. If wish to buy it, you might need to ask your boss for a raise. Several artists use different materials such as spray paint, food and drink, household cleaning products and pretty much anything that will stain the canvas.
7.) Keith Haring- Another graffiti artist artist, and his works are inspired what was going around him in the city of New York. His works influenced awareness for drug use and AIDS. Though he lived very short life, he was commissioned to paint a mural in the Berlin Wall in 1986. The mural symbolizes a hopeful reunification of East and West Germanys. Keith Haring was an amazing artist who stood up with a message for so many against things such as drug use. He has accomplished a lot in his short life time before dying of HIV/AIDS complications in 1990, he was only 31 years old. You can still spot his designs on various merchandise.
8.) Andy Warhol- He was known for his pop art and outrageous methods of creating his pieces. Andy Warhol is wall known for painting a simple can of Cambell's Soup. Unlike many artists who are in areas controversial, he and his colleague was almost shot at their studio by an angry feminist. The event effected both artists very much. Andy Worhal was a pop-artist but in later years he was critisized that his art was to commercialized.
I love art with many different colors and inspirations. Art makes me feel warm and fuzzy, if I look at things such as paintings, I feel like I am in the painting.
I turned 29 years-old this year and any form of media from music, art to photography, they stay the same. Art especially captures the cultures and what people were thinking when they were working on their pieces. As we age and the time does not appear to stop any time soon art will capture that special moment.