Japanese Tattoo

Japanese tattoos are one of the most beautiful and unique. Called tebori which is the traditional style and has many designs. These body canvases have many associations with Buddhist (Shinto) Gods and warriors, animals like dragon or tigers, and nature flowers such like chrysanthemum. Prior tattooing, tattoo artist interviews the customer what they like and how they describe their personality. Like in many other cultures tattoos tell individual's story. Symbol of animals like tigers and dragon display strength and power, or koi fish which for good luck. Gods on the other hand have many meanings, one can mean that a spirit watches over your safety. Unlike modern method today that use a mechanical needle to imbed the color, tebori uses traditional tools that are human powered. The positives is the tattoo is more vibrant and how much pressure is applied depending on the shading to make it perfect. The instrument is a bamboo stick and has sharp needles on the end. The negatives are this particular tattoos take a very long time to make and the process is painful… It many take from few months to years. But it's worth it, if you are the one who can stand the pain.
FACTS: In ancient times of Edo Period, tattoos were used to mark prisoners based on your conviction. In Edo period Japanese prison tattoos feature different shapes and Kanji characters depending on your crimes and time period conviction, after certain methods of punishments were deemed overly barbaric.
Japanese society still regard body art as taboo and not many people get them. Many bath houses or resorts don't allow individuals with body modifications, even foreigners (unless its covered somehow). Commonly only the yakuza really get them. As for females, they don't usually get tattoos or at all. When a gang member dies the human skin is preserved and framed.