The Darkside Of Politics

October 27, 2016
Since 2016 is year for presidential elections and I want to explore what kind of political party cares the most for the public. What system of law is the best solution. And how ideology of movement helped the world or destroyed societies. I don't
October 27, 2016
Since 2016 is year for presidential elections and I want to explore what kind of political party cares the most for the public. What system of law is the best solution. And how ideology of movement helped the world or destroyed societies. I don't consider myself government and law expert, or in fact I don't know what party I should belong to. Both counter parts make very good points but personally I would go either way depending on the situation and time.America has two major parties. Democrats and Republicans… they have many views and good points. In simpler words Republicans have traditional ways of thinking. Many comments are so ridiculous that make your skin crawl. Democratic on the other hand are progressive. Time changes every day and with this party try their best to individually adapt new solutions. Living in America for very long time and very first time voting, its extremely important about whom to vote for, who will win and how the candidate change the America's future.
Let's start with Republicans. A lot of them are rich tycoons who are rather greedy. They will only hand out help if you really deserve it. Republicans believe in hard work. That's very smart of them, but since they have traditional values they don't give a rat's ass about personal decisions. For example, they always dictate how should a woman care for her reproductive system or have quality time with her lover. Do they enjoy watching us or they want us to be safe? You can make your own conclusion. And here is the most bad part of all… freedom to choose. When a woman gets pregnant and finds out that she is weak to carry her baby, so she aborts it, even if she did survive the painful delivery the kid probably would not (or vice-versa) It's better to be happy than live through misery. And while we are on the topic of choice, let me paint you a picture. You went to the doctor with your 8 year old child and find out little Timmy or Susie has cancer. You tried everything from surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. The final solution is stem cell research and it could help. With your selfishness, would you let you young child die? The kid will never experience their first beer, going to college or taking over your career and even walking down to church altar to a new space for marriage. Democrats listen, understand and will do anything in their power to help you. Democratic Party wants to improve and go forward with time. I am flexible person and I accept change rather well, but people with traditional views have their heads stuck where the sun don't shine.
In the previous paragraph I touch on about a cancer child. Now any form, parents suffer the most. Hospital stays are extremely expensive and everyone has trouble paying over due expenses. Democrat would set up a payment plan so the family could buy food or pay off late rent or electricity bill.
But both parties want everyone to obey the law, legally fill out immigration papers and deport those who cause trouble. One solution is more humane than the other. Some are just barbaric. With communism, it is a lot different. In communism government controls everything, like in Peoples Democratics Republic Of North Korea. Personally I rather get scolded than executed publicly if I want to spoke my mind. In China you have your freedom to market, and self-expression but newspapers and television media are monitored.
Lenin and those other guys had promised prosperity and economic success but they were all in for themselves. When everyone had been struggling and complaining, they were sleeping on their own wealth and greed. Now with any type of government there is some level of human rights. In capitalist countries when someone doesn't like something, everyone tries to improve or change personal life. If not they take it to the streets and leaders are forced to adapt changes. In the 1960s, public got upset who is handicapped fought that buses, trains and public buildings should be more accessible. They got their with, and it's now morally wrong (or illegal) to discriminate or denounce anyone with physical or cognitive disability. In North Korea the person who is born with a disability or develops it over time, he or she must stay indoors or gets executed. Their philosophy is if you stick out like a sore thumb you're not fit to be in the functioning society.
Now when you look at countries like Norway, Sweden and Finland or even Iceland. These countries are a paradise to live in. New mothers have paid maternal leave, some money for a child. Free education from primary school to college, free health care. And everything comes from local, national tax and from sales tax. It is evenly divided and call coordinated, like gasoline tax can fix roads, or property tax keeps the schools running. But even though these nations are number one for quality life, they are among most expensive to live.
Corruption is everywhere. I wouldn't want to vote for any candidate offering me money, if I did vote for them. Have politicians promised something but did not keep it? The answer is yes. Have any politician promised a new law or bill? Of course, but it might failed because the house could not decide or it is unconstitutional.
America has very unique sets of laws corresponding to certain situation. Do people want to chance the constitution? The second amendment especially. There are a lot issues on this topic. For example, one is guns. Most gun violence is in low income neighborhoods and many of them are illegal. The demographic that is hurt or killed by guns are kids, sometimes in drive by occurrences. One other reason is that we do not teach people responsible gun ownership. Now let's look, child is bullied and thinks that a bullet would solve the problem, now the kid is suspended (or even expelled) because you failed to teach that only daddy is only person who can touch the gun but keep your it where you keep it with your hammer and nails for convenience. Republicans could agree that there should be safety, but would not give them up. Democrats want strict regulations, in many issues if you are mentally insane or going through separation that would restrict you in purchasing firearm.
In many articles I have read about Japan. This once really seemed extremely smart. Since crime in Japan is so low, police officers downt carry guns when they are off duty. Even regular citizens don't have any, unless they live on a farm in order to scare away wild animals from eating of damaging crops. When policemen finish their shift, the utility belt is left at the station on their desk. American cops are always ready for action.
Corruption in politics is very embarrassing. Offeing money to a person in order to vote for them is super wrong. Voting fraud is even unimaginable, yet many politicians across the globe do it, some promising change end up screwing up everything. In many countries corruption is so bad that everyone starts to ignore even little things and criminals get away with anything. Just imagine NYPD officer manipulating a thief that he his record will be deleted if he will not rob again. United States lived through an episode when Richard Nixon screwed up badly and in televised news segment fearing impeachment, he quit. America is one of the least corrupted countries, but there are some regions that are. So can you gain the peoples trust? Trust is hard to earn, but it can be easily lost. In India bribes are so extremely common that a bank note with number zero (Rupees) started to be circulated in order to decrease corrupted politician's secretive transactions. The note can be used like a coupon in exchange request for services and a promise to be fair with the citizens.
Focusing my view for both candidates are mixed. Donald Trump has good points but he is way too drunk on power. Personality he might improve the country while he destroys everything else we worked hard for. While Hilary Clinton is most likely preferred choice by many, she like everyone's mother who wants all the best for the people. Sure she screwed up but always she can fix what whet wrong. Who is a perfect choice? I can't say. Let all of us find out in coming up weeks or months, if we made a right choice. Are you feeling scared...? With my long political rant… I have to admit, I'm not an expert and it's a dog eat dog world out there. And campaigning I would get eaten alive out there.