2nd Amendment Vs. Brain Chemistry Vs. Total Ban

February 20, 2018
This entry is extremely sad and I wished I wouldn't start the year with this article. I have been living in America for over a decade. Since then and quite recently, I am trying to understand why do we need guns? First Ten Amendments are called The
February 20, 2018
This entry is extremely sad and I wished I wouldn't start the year with this article. I have been living in America for over a decade. Since then and quite recently, I am trying to understand why do we need guns? First Ten Amendments are called The Bill Of Rights. Sure, we have The Freedom Of Speech and we can protest, worship our own prophets or idols, and point out what our government is doing wrong, but why guns are number two? Personally, I think it should be the last thing on our ming. The Second Amendment, The Right To Bare Arms was written during the Revolutionary War (just before America got its Independence in 1776) to protect ourselves from the enemy, this case Great Britain.
Technology has been improved in recent centuries and something new hits the market, people are getting smarter and medicine makes us healthier. Every nation has their own Amendments, but America's have not been changed in very long time. Why we are stuck in the past? What can we do to protect gun owners and others from causing harm? Simple, ban firearms… um, no, it is not that simple. And this is a never ending discussion. I read bunch of headlines when I wake up in the morning. Couple years ago, I watched a news segment from the state of Kentucky, where a young mother just out her baby for a afternoon nap, someone broke into her house. The young mother called 911 (universal number for emergency in U.S.), she said, that someone broke in and she has a gun pointing toward him. The dispatcher said, that in Kentucky you can shoot an intruder. So she did, as he stepped into the house. OK, then you can shoot a bugler. I don't want to contradict myself, but there are many solution.
Let me start by saying, guns are like cars. Nobody owns a Ferrari, because they are too expensive. Just like an AR-15 or AK-47, should belong on the battle field, not public streets. I am not saying that you would give up your fire arms, but make laws tougher and teach people about safe gun protocol and use. Leaning how drive is necessary for people who want to obtain a driving license. Then you get insurance and pay your fees. And every few years, renewal. Guns are more complicated, but should be treated like your cars in the garage. Mandatory testing, license renewal every five years, physical and mental examinations.
Should people with mental illness or psychotic medication should own a gun? No! Can they be tested to see if they pass the safety course? Maybe. People with criminal past? No and no and no. A criminal will always have a access to a gun. Get rid off criminal first and then clean up the streets. Most stories about high school shooting were all about revenge. At night clubs, because the person hated gay people. Tackling the subject is very hard, it is not about who should have a gun or not, just like driving. It took me a very long time to drive and it would probably take me twice as long to handle a gun. I think for protection, I would get an Doberman. There are many other ways of protection. I am not a doctor or do I want to take surveys, but there is something that happens in the brain when a person buys a gun. It gives them power and courage… No. Guns will not solve your problems in life.
I have a story that was quite a surprise to me. I have friend from school, who's dad is very wealthy and owns a beer distribution center. I have visited it the distribution center with my class couple months prior. As the time went by there was a shooting in 2010, in the same place I had my feed trip. One delivery driver was fired for steeling beer. Later he comes with a gun and started to shoot. My friend often worked with his dad during the summer months. During the rampage, according my friend he was terrified and hiding under a desk. His dad got hit in the shoulder and thank God they both survived. But the whole tragedy claimed nine lives. After the rampage, the shooter shot himself. And there are quite many workplace related massacres.
As I hear about suicide, it breaks my heart when a child or a teen dies from bullying. Guns don't solve your bullying problem. In Japan, I do not hear about a 15 year-old shooting up his entire school. Japanese citizens, no one has a gun, even a off-duty police officer. While in United States, a wimpy kid starts shooting due to bullying, because he or she thinks there is no other way, but there are few ways to deal with your problem. If I was 15, years-old, I would drop-out. And kids from an early age should be taught guns is not a toy and be kept away, in a place where they don't know where it is. If you are careless gun owner, you probably should not have one either. There are so many kids dying from accidental gun shot wounds.
In the Parkland high school, a kid was already troubled and expelled for his behavior. Peers who were in his class thought he was weird and said he had a obsession with guns from the beginning. This should of been a red flag. Police was called to his house many times for domestic disturbance and breach of piece. Some charges were very severe and that should of prevented him buying a gun. System is very flawed and should be fixed soon as possible, because in few months there might be another mass shooting and many innisant lives lost.
My concern is 3D printers. When there is a gun ban people will start printing them. A young man in Japan was arrested for printing one. When he was being booked, he did not know it was illegal to do so. Should we restrict what to print on our 3D printers? Maybe we should. As for telescopic add-ons and other modifications, that should be banned as well.
What is a bump-stock? It is an add on to your riffle that enables you to shoot multiple rounds (or all cartage at the same time), just by pressing the trigger only once. Without the bump-stock, you have to press the trigger every time to shoot a bullet.
America has weird and unhealthy obsession with guns. Guns are available like bubble-gum. I don't think we should take guns away from people who obey the law and use them responsibly for hunting and target practice or other activities. We should keep guns away from people who cause harm to themselves or others and should not have a gun the first place. I mean you wouldn't let a blind person drive. To summarize what I am on about, go and watch The Simpsons episode, The Cartrige Family, where the protagonist buys a hand gun after his home gets burglarized. I am leaning towards a Democratic Party and as a progressive type, I see there is need for massive overhaul of the 2nd Amendment, while respecting lawful owners who wouldn't even harm a bug. Will we see the changes soon? I don't know. I am following the headlines very closely… I am hoping soon. This was was a very difficult article for me write and let's have an productive conversation to an solution. In conclusion, we might not need firearms at all.