Rap Music

December 8, 2018
As the the 2018 is drawing to a close, there was one thing I loved over many years. I got hooked on rap music when I moved to America. I was listening to my walkman on the way to school and I had the station set on 93.7, the local here in Connecticut
December 8, 2018
As the the 2018 is drawing to a close, there was one thing I loved over many years. I got hooked on rap music when I moved to America. I was listening to my walkman on the way to school and I had the station set on 93.7, the local here in Connecticut rap and hip-hop. It does not mean that I listened to only rap, I listen to all genres of music. Pop was my favorite, then it came rock. I enjoyed rap purely for the sound that you can dance to and the catchy lyrics.

Once I got hooked on Japan and j-pop, and I made a huge transition. The only rapper I admire is Eminem. Before he made it big, he was struggling, from participating in rap battles to trying to record a mix tape. We all seen his movie "8 Mile". I consider Eminem as a William Shakespeare of modern times, sorry Kanye West. I have listened to pretty much all of Eminem's lyrics and they are amazing! End of story. But I am not ending here.
Eminem did not have a luxury of the internet like rappers today. With one simple click you can upload your song online and see if you will be famous over night. YouTube, where we would be without you? The reason, I am writing this entry is to make a connection, what is terrible rap and amazing rap.

Rap music today sucks! Most of the rappers made it big online and in within few short months they have a record contract? And none of them have real talent, I am sorry but that's true. Have a listen to rap music dating from the mid 1990's and early 2000's, this was a good music. Lyrics where so catchy and clever. I don't want to bash anyone online or make any insults, but today's rappers like Lil Pump or 6ix9ine and a hand full of others are offensive to all my senses. One of which is reckless behavior. 6ix9ine is facing a very long prison sentence and Lil Pump is crashing his cars and he has lots of traffic violations. But what they do is not my problem. Both of Lil Pump's and 6ix9ine's artistry is aggressive that is offensive and the songs don't make any sense at all. I like and prefer Beastie Boys a lot better and they are highly energetic without being aggressive and dissing other artists or making themselves look foolish. Beastie Boys made rap and hip-hop fun! Although Beastie Boy's were classified as a alternative music group. You will never hear anything like this again. No swearing and no fake tough guy act. Beastie Boys are genuine rap group. If you think otherwise, we need to have a discussion.

Let's talk lyrics. Repetitive words like "Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, My swag costs more than your rent. Come with me, I am going to make our bedrock tonight." This is not my idea of good lyrics. If I written a song, it would sound like this "I work hard, I play hard, take my hand, because tonight streets our ours. There is nothing to worry, and there is no reason to be lonely. Let's take on the night." You can have good lyrics, without being or acting tough and being full of yourself.

I don't want to plagiarize any songs, but you switch words from any rap songs words that fit your personality. I have used some lines that already exist. I remember in middle school my classmates wanted to settle the dispute what is better, the guy who likes to listen to rock says that rap is crap. And I did not know how because, I listen to both genres. Some say that rap and hip-hop is not real music. One reason is the the musicians don't sing, they talk. Second reason is the songs are littered with swear words and hostility towards police. And lastly, many songs are sexual and even with the clean lyrics, you know exactly what the song is about.

Back to Eminem. I have never seen Eminem getting arrested, getting into fights and dealing drugs on the side or even seen him fire a gun. Eminem is decent man, but the only thing that was big and plastered all over the media was his ugly divorce with his wife. I never seen my favorite rapper hurt or beat up someone either. His comments and aggression are channeled through his freestyle, a style of rap that is spoken on the spot.

Eminem on the other hand, he is very controversial. I love the song titled "I Love The Way You Lie", a song he made with Rihanna. But I don't care, this song is awesome! I was shocked that Rihanna was beaten by her then boyfriend Chris Brown, who is another musician. The song talks about domestic violence and how to deal with the situation.

The biggest chapter in Eminem's life was his struggle with drug addiction and going to rehab. After completing rehabilitation program, Eminem released a song "Not Afraid" and it was a thanks his fans and family getting thorough that difficult time.

Another rapper I like is 50 Cent. He also had tough life before he made it famous. Before he made it big, he was shot nine times in front of his house, where he used to live with his relatives. It is a miracle he survived such carnage. Though I don't hear too much of 50 Cent on the air waves, although he was in couple of good action movies. Eminem and 50 Cent are highly respected rap artists.
Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. were not so lucky. Both of them died in the hight of their careers in the late 1990's. And they are popular than ever. People who want a music career should get some inspirations first. What is surprising is that I am shocked how fast many rappers can deliver their lyrics. I think there is some psychological science behind it. For sure I can not do it.

Tupac Shakur, believe it or not was inspired by a famous poet, William Shakespeare. And Tupac Shakur influenced many others. East and West coast rappers might not like each other that much, but they give someone else credit for inspiring them to follow their dreams and never give up.

How rap and hip-hop music got it's start? The history starts in the late 1970's in Bronx, New York City. Hip-hop used music beats that already existed to make a sequence and rapping was like poetry. Some lines were about daily struggles, social issues and having a good time. Now a days rap music is filled with swear words and constant dialogs using a n-word, primarily in African-American demographics. It really does not bother me.

I also got hooked on reggeaton, a Puerto-Rican style of rap and hip-hop, but I also stopped listening to this. Just like rap, I listen to it on occasion. Don Omar and Daddy Yankee are one of the biggest names in raggeaton.

My music taste have changed. Once you hear something, you can't stop listening to it. Just put the track or album on repeat and enjoy. Rock and pop can be enjoyed by everyone. So what is my conclusion? Do I listen to rap and hip-hop? Not as much as I used to. Do I enjoy the genre? Yes but only for nostalgia. I would like to see modern day rappers to take some inspiration and example from rappers from my generation. And cut tough guy act and stop being so full of yourselves. But that comes with age. They will be more respected by others and especially parents who don't like their kids listening to these kinds of music. And lastly, handful of rappers and hip-hop artists donate their money to charity and people who may need it the most, especially to kids who are growing up in bad environments.