My Favorite Assistive Technologies

April 3, 2017

I have compiled a list with expensive hobbies in one of my articles. This time I'm going to list my favorite assistive technology we have today. I have written an article about assistive technology. And also I have wrote about my love for Apple and how technology was changing rapidly in the 1980's and 1990's.


6.) Voice synthesizer- this computerized gadget is awesome. This made it easier for people who can't talk due to birth defects, illness or injury. To communicate verbally they use a keyboard that speaks each word that has been typed or press individual pre-recorded buttons. Voice boxes come in many forms from simple recordable sound boards to an iPad applications. Each one is designed especifically for all kinds of conversations. Steven Hawking lost his ability to talk due to ALS and uses his cheek muscle to operate his computer for conversation and to move his wheelchair.


5.) Glasses- bifocals were invented by Benjamin Franklin and they have not changed for centuries. Now glasses that recently hit the market can help color blind see different hues. There are also glasses for blind people to see normally. They still sit on the user's face, but they have powerful cameras and censors. And I am not talking about virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift. These glasses sense images processing in your brain, filling this missing link. With this modern technology (and maybe medicine) blindness can be cured.


4.) Audiobooks and digital notebooks- the worst thing about school is carrying a backpack that are heavy. Not only that, if your bag is heavier than you it could lead to many problems in the future. A handfull of child doctors had raised alarms when pacient comes into their clinic with back pain. Now with tablet computers you can have all the textbooks and notes are on file. And it is cheaper and books are constantly updated. Plus some of them are interactive.


3.) Wheelchairs- having a limited mobility is hard. You always wanted to go on hike or ride in the mud but you couln't because you did not have the resourses or did not know that this kind of adaptive recreational equipment existed. Regular chair is designed usally for flat surfaces. Some wheelchairs can go off-road, climb stairs and help you stand. Being handicapped is inconvenient and limiting. With these chairs now you can explore your surroundings which you could not before.


2.) Smart house- now almost every appliance in your home or apartment can be controlled by your smartphone or computer. And day by day your place of residence learns your daily needs from temperature settings and when boil up some coffee, call emergency in an event of a leak or break in. Many chose to live in a smart homes because they want to save money or adapt to family members disability. There are even ideas for robot butlers in the near future.


1.) Self driving cars- when new model of Tesla (seadan) come out, I thought it would be like any other car on the market. Not only that it is powered by batteries and electric motor, this car has autopilot. There are cars that can park themselves were around for couple of years now… but almost every manufacturer from Ford to Mercedes and even Rolls-Royce are joining in the autonomous vehicle game. Some models recognize at speeds you should be going at given time or they recognize that you are getting drowsy.

Living with technology and not realizing why we need it where we would be without it. Just imagine life without it and trying your best to communicate or go places you always wanted. I think I will let you decide what gadget should get the golden crown.

© E. P. Sendecki / EeroSendTheKey