Apple Technology


Apple vs. Microsoft… When we will put this stupid fight to the end? There are many Apple fanboys that many people are sick of hearing, constatly bragging how much they love Apple. And yes, I am one of the Apple fans too! I am not saying that Microsoft sucks but somehow many people prefer Apple. I am a former PC user and my first Apple computer was purchased in late 2005 (well it was my mom's but we both used it) and we both had iPhone's since 2007. Personally I am using iMac since November 2014 and I never touched a PC based computer again, but everywhere there is a slow PC somewhere running outdated version of Windows, there is no way avoiding an old Dell hoping you will not get a blue screen of death. You might be thinking why I put the computer in the insperation folder. Here is why… Computers are being used since the 1950's and made slow transition from the office in late 1970's to our livingrooms or bedrooms. Now almost every other home has a computer. The story of a computer is quite old. The very first computer was invented by Charles Babbage in England in 1800's. During the victorian times he thought if machines can help with mass production, it can help with office work as well. Technically it was a marvel that used many gears and dials. When he showed it, the community praised the invention but the board was rather concerned that it would be way too expensive to put into mass production. I admire Steve Jobs because not he threw the gemeral rule of cuping out the window. Becomming successful had many obstacles… Steve Jobs took his time by observing and studying others. Later he took that idea and improved it. What Apple had made is very astonishing and if Steve Jobs would be alive today, he proud where the company is heading. Thanks to many dedicated inginiers and developers in both Microsoft, Goggle and many others, their products can offer so much.

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