I have a YouTube channel. Please come and join in the wondeful adventure.

YouTube is a great source to learn so much about the world. When Google bought them out in 2006, this video sharing service mostly hosted ridiculous materials. Since I spend most time online, so I came up with my own numbers. There are so many blogs. Some of those clips are so well done, they are better what you might seen on BBC or National Geographic, if you want to travel. Maybe you want to modify your computer or racecar but you don't know where to start or don't know how, and the host will walk you through. Most of the videos target those kind for the type of individuals who like seeing people get hurt or some who feel in love with some talent and want to talk about it next morning by the water cooler at work. I want to be a famous YouTube personality but I want to target all kinds of audiences. I am open to any topic. Guess where we would be if not for YouTube? Internet is a holy temple of knowledge. This channels dares to be different...

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