Amazing Changes In 1980’s And 1990’s (Nostalgia)

November 9, 2016

The best decades in our lives were the 1980's and 1990's. A lot of and  innovation, great ideas and breakthroughs in medicine. I grew up in the 1990's and I have  witnessed it all. Let me start with computer technology. I have started using a computer since I was 7 when my mom brought home unused computer from her office. And bit by bit I started to use it. To be clear it started with educational games. 


In my collection I did not have any cool games because my mom felt that most materials sold was not appropriate. And the reason was I was struggling in math especially…  as I grew older I found out about two very nice games. And I asked if they can burn me a copy. One game was Worms Armageddon which you play in a team of worms beating your opponents of other worms. We used to take turns killing each other. The other one was GTA, the very first one. Since Grand Theft Auto is one person game, we used to take turns in this one as well, when the person got killed we had to share the keyboarded. Our policy or theoretically speaking to obey all traffic signals. But than we forgot about our promise and started to blow stuff up. I want to know who follows traffic safety in any GTA game? I mean if you are a responsible driver in even in rasing games like The Simpsons Hit And Run you must be a wimp. 

Since we are on the topic of video games, I have to applaud Microsoft with their XBOX line. I got the console when I was 15. And this was the original one. This is only Microsoft product I am going to buy over and over again. I have a Nintendo Wii system and it was very clever that you could play golf or bowling. This meant that you had to move your lazy behind from the couch. Many players got so skilled that just a flick of the wrist can trigger a powerful action. And this is where XBOX Kinect comes in. I tried this device that was on a display and I was super impressed. You can control you character without a remote. Blown away!!!!


As a child, I had GameBoy Color and only one puzzle game. And that's an only platform device I had because none of my friends probably even heard of a PlayStation. If they did they might of not be able to afford one. When I started to hear about console gaming it was when I first moved to America.  Fast forward to 2000's, GameBoy entered market in 1989 and revolutionized gaming mobility with the device soon PSP went on sale and so on. I feel nostalgia and it would be awesome to see a person pulling out one of these cartridges in stead of your iPhone. 

The other one was  another toy that we loved back in the 90's, Tamagachi. I had two or three but I mostly kept them home. You had to take care of you virtual animal, if you forgot to play the animal would get bored, or when you did not let him out it would poop everywhere and you had to clean up the mess, or forgetting to feed it… you get the idea. The game was popular with girls. And in fact the little bugger stared to chirp in class during a test... boy the teacher was not happy.

In 2003-2004 school year, I bought floppy disks if I was doing my school projects or essays. I wish I haven't bought these because USB thumb sticks went mainstream about a year later.  And every year I saw a massive change, especially when smart phones and  affordible super computers rapidly exelorated through the market. 

I really don't know how I can rate these products because all of them are amazing. If you are a little older than twenty dig up your old toys and try to remember how it felt to carry your Walkman or these Nokia phones.

© E. P. Sendecki / EeroSendTheKey