Helpful Or Harmful Drugs

March 23, 2017

For quite some time in the media there had been a lot of cover stories on drugs. Either it is a teenage odeing on heroin or smoking synthetic marijuana they got of the street. The word synthetic means it was made in a laboratory,  let's us take one those Doritos chips that you dropped on your carpet as an example. Sorry, they are fake. It is drenched in oil, artificial coloring and many other hard to pronounce ingredients. But you can peel potatoes from farmers market and fry them yourself in any way you want.


This article is not about unhealthy food, but synthetic drugs and why they are poisonous. I have no idea why the fake marijuana is available but the organic one is heavily restricted? Synthetic marijuana is sold anywhere where you get cigarettes. Why organic drugs that have health benefits and might cure cancer or chronic pain are illegal? On the side note, I have taken Tylenol for pain, and it had been taken from the stores because if you took over eight doses in one day, it could result in liver damage or kidney failure. Many started to notice that the drugs thought once deemed bad are actually good. I have touched on how cancer effects patients and how alternative medicine might help. 

Weather a miracle drug was or is controlled by government, any item will find it's way to black market. Will crime increase? My answer is no. Once Cannabis becomes legal, there will not be a need for black market. But somehow people might find a way to avoid the system. Will we have to tech children on responsibility of safe medicine usage? Yes. The earlier the better. Let me explain… in my high school health class, teacher broke us up into groups and my was responsible for doing research on (yes, you guessed it. Marijuana). We found out that it makes do so mellow and you start to hallucinate which can result in death… and what a bunch of bolonga. And that was almost a decade ago. Marijuana was a gateway drug, but in recent years it can be called a wonder drug that can help with glaucoma to preventing or eliminating cancer. Researches don't lie and new researches and proofs are coming out everyday.

There are many ways to use cannibis. From aroma therapy to medical oils and even baking. In two or three separate studies it can help you with asthma symptoms, seizures and calm even symptoms of ADHD sufferers.

What I have read and according to Wikipedia synthetic marijuana's ingreedience are flowers like Honneyweed, Egipian Blue Lotous and few others. They are pikced, oiled and dryed. Organic Marijuana is a wild bush with flower buds. Pople smoke the flower or pollen that plant produces. And synthetic one has ingredients that feel, look and maybe smell like real thing. When I watched the news, quite many individuals ended up in hospital or died smoking, especially kids who are not mature enough to handle it and some young adults. Sideeffects include delusional thinking, increased heart rate and vomitting. But yet I have to hear the death linked to organic Marijuana. 

As a law maker or politician, my responsibility would be a continuous study on benefits of Marijuana, what species of plants do what and prove that anything synthetic is bad to your organs, then throw in drugs or medication into the equation… I think you get the picture. Synthetic medicine that is sold in your corner pharmacy are helping people in many ways. As for synthetic ones that you get on the street you do not know what is in them. Who knows maybe Marijuana will 100% legal and available like teas in Teavana. 

© E. P. Sendecki / EeroSendTheKey