Budget Crisis

March 2, 2017

In my previous and rather lengthy article about the major differences between two political parties and how they influence each other and impact our life. From corruption to quality of life, or even economics there is always something to complain about. 


I will explain my theory and thoughts on how budgeting can cause a domino effect hurting certain individuals or entire public. To avoid domino effect is something that needs to be handled with care like budgeting. Many regions of the country are making drastic cuts to even out the budget. I will focus on three key points and why they will hurt the public when they are gone. But this aritcle will specificly describe special needs people and how state bugeting can effecting or change their life without realizing.

Services for the disabled are taking rather large hit. Some of us want to have independents from our families to work or live alone. When this service is no longer in existence, these valuable members of society have to move back to their parent's home and they may not be able to take care of their children. They would have to find somewhere else to live where care takers look or get the money from private donors. Or the worst case scenario is ending up homeless.  

Special needs students want to have the samne education like any oher student. Back in high school I had few phenomenal teachers. Great educators in any school level should be kept on teaching. Little one year after my high school graduation, some teachers did get the notice. When teachers are laid off or after school activities are disbanded the kids get bored and rather want to cause trouble to pass the time. In low income neighborhoods, if the school shuts down the crime will double or maybe even triple. Further more, others who value education will have no where to study. In some cases the two schools are combined.

Health care is extremely crucial. Your human body can't be replaced. If health care is eliminated your medicine or life saving operation will cost a fortune. Some conditions are very unique and the insurance sometimes can't cover it. Some disabled individuals havily rely on adaptive technology. Depending on their needs it can get super expensive and some equipment like respirators is keeping them alive. They should get the highest health care they rightly deserve and live without any worry. 

And this is what I would call a domino effect. There is always an public outcry when files of services are on the table next to a pannel of judges with a red marker. 

What is the most unnecessary waste of tax payers money? I don't know… let's make a pie chart, divide it into (shall we say…) seven pieces and in each one with sub categories. For example, when something is state owned and is a huge waste of money, it would be wise to sell it to private company and use that money on things that  shoulb be helping people.  If the budget is done right and we keep our priorities in mind then the services will be saved.

© E. P. Sendecki / EeroSendTheKey