Most Expensive Hobbies

December 13, 2016

You probably have looked at my inspirational tab of my page. I call myself an sampler. I love experimenting and trying new things. Compiling a list of hobbies and individual activities is rather a difficult task, but I chose maybe five common things interests that people love and take rather seriously. And certain hobbies can make a huge hole in your wallet. There are at least two hobbies that I would love to do.


5.) Arts and crafts- This lovely hobby is little to nothing as for cost. I love drawing and doodling on paper. You don't need expensive papers and pencils just what you have. I have seen very beautiful works done on Microsoft Paint. What I have been told that this program is for immature people… think again. You have a decent computer but can't afford the professional software, so many people work with what they have. Materials can be found in your desk or garage.


4.) Travel- I have been to few places, and my favorite part of traveling is going to museums. When I go on a little nature walk I take couple of good pictures and of course selfies. Traveling to places off season is usually cheaper and less people. I was in Disney World in February 2002 for a week, wonderful time!When Connecticut was shinbone deep in snow, I was wearing shorts. My guess Florida is unbearable in summer due to humidity and tropical climate. I would love to travel to another country for a week. Flight ticket is up to $2000 if you are going abroad, if you don't count hotel and food.


3.) Collecting nicknacks- What do you have in your collection that is any value? I don't know… you may collect baseball cards and other sport related merchandise or maybe rare Hot Wheels/Matchbox toys. My lovely my time best friend from my school days, his dad collects WWII helmets. He showed me his collection one time because I have said that I am from Eastern Europe and a lot of them were from Nazi Germany. Some people collect and keep purchased items and can't organize them all. And others manage quite well by selling and buying new things. I bet you have a valuable item, from stamps and postcards to family treasures.


2.) Vehicle customization- I love cars of all shapes and sizes. But customizing or even restoring can cost you thousands. Parts are rare or they don't make them anymore. The rarer your car is the more expensive it will be. Cars that are hand built like a Bentley, one screw is a fortune. Mind as well buy a new car. Restoration is a hobby for a person with a lot of know how. Plus you have to have right tools not just a wrench. Cars that rot away in barns are total gems. Some cars are kept in family for generations and few are kept in such immaculate condition that it looks like the owner just bought it. In other cases a car is sold for profit.


1.)  Kit and model building There are two kinds of modeling. One is building  thinks like buildings, cars, boats and aircraft from kits. Many of them are very challenging and interesting. There is one modeling that takes a huge effort, time, money and space. Since I was born I loved trains. I had a simple train set given to as gift when I was very little. As an grown up I want to have one to recreate my joys of being a kid and I always wanted to work for the railroad. Many speciality hobby shops have simple layouts and some are huge. After reading blogs and watching how to videos I was wondering where I was going to put or how to build it. I live in a small house so the best solution was to buy a game for the computer. It's cheap and it does not take any space at all. Your train set can under $500 or some people spent thousands. I think I'm going to stick with arts for now. When I move into some day to a bigger house, definitely I consider. 

I have many interests and technically I would consider them as hobbies. I am impressed by new technology and would prefer to work with my hands. I really think that the internet is very handy and many people and look up reference material. Our parents and grandparents had to read books and if there was no information, trial and error was the last option. 

© E. P. Sendecki / EeroSendTheKey