Living in America

August 18, 2017

I have waited to write this for a very long time. This article is another part chapter of my life but it is not about my health condition or having fun in camp. This event I will cherish for the rest of my life! It is something great that everyone wants… a better life in a new country. There are many reasons you want to move where it is better quality of life you did not have back home. In my Love Vs. Hate article I thouched how foreigners want to be treated. As a foreigner living in America since 2001, I have seen what is the struggle many people have to endure. With politcs a side I want to briefly tell my story.


I got my citizenship in March 2016 and I am proud to say that I am an American. Many have teair own stories and adventues comping here. But let me start with a little histoy first. America is welcoming to all people and thats why many people escaped Europe for a search of New World… we already know the long history. Particularly one of the reasons is freedom and this was a biggest reason of the voyage. In the past there was not much of freedom in Europe, where self-expression was founded upon or your political view could land you in jail for many years. Now a days, people want to move for many reasons… either their homeland is ravaged by war or the country has no work opportunities. 

My story had it's importance and in many ways but with the same explanations like any one else. My answer is for question, why I came here to America? To live a better life because back home it is more difficult. I have Neurofibramatosis and since my condition having it's own level of severity, the perfect or right treatment was in The States and wasn't available in Poland (and probably still isn't). Being only twelve years old at the time, I did not think much of it, we just moved with a help of a friend. My grandmother said quite a few times, that she is happy that I am in America. I have a job that I love, a good home and a computer that I bought with my own money. I recently got my driving license and I am saving little by little for a car. Being a youngster in Poland was quite different, I had all the toys I wanted and a huge Walt Disney movie collection, but I always felt something was alwasys missing. I am going to say that America raised me. 

What is great about living here is that In many cities across our great land. Each street or neighborhood has it's own ethnic section. You have your Asian, African, Latino or European stores and restaurants. The best thing is that you have traveled to a different nation without getting on the plane. Immigrants settled and blended in the community with each other. Eventually we marry and everyone has their own story of ancestry… In other words there is no such thing as a white race.  

I could talk about pros and cons in America or Poland but I don't want to bash what country is best. We can all agree that where you choose to life, you can make your so comfortable that you don't want to reside anywhere else. What really impressed me over the years, that you can buy things without spending a fortune and people do less judgemental you how you act or dress. People are more open and there will be a moment that a stranger would include you in their conversations, most likely about sports or where you are from. No one wants to fight or pick fights or make threats.

On the side note, sadly there are people in many countries that don't take to well to foreigners. But what they have not realized is that their ancestors have immigrated to the new lands. And let me remind you that other nations have helped Colonial America in Revolutionary War and War For Independence. No matter what is your nationality or if you know English, people are and will be curious. What is awesome about living in America is that cultures and languages mingle with and mix with each other. After living couple of years in America, I am very much Americanized and if I chose to mave back to Poland it woould be a  lot harder because even though Poland is my native home, America is the place I want to be. America is my home!

© E. P. Sendecki / EeroSendTheKey