Daylight Savings Time Is Confusing

August 11, 2017

Everyday I go by the flow, whatever happens it happens. As a kid, I could tell time but I did not think much of it. As I grew older there are more responsibilities to be taken care of. But when I look at the clock dial, why we have daylight saving time? Who thought of that in the first place? Sources say that time change was thought by Benjamin Franklin so farmers can plant or harvest their crops. The real person we need to be thanking is George Vernon Hudson, entromologist and astronomer.

Germany was the country who spread daylight savings time in parts of Europe druring the World War I. When World War II, DST was wide spread. How does this work? 


There is a winter and summer equinox and when we change the time acording to the season. In spring we gain one hour of day light, when in autumn we lose one hour. It's very inconvenient because you have to change all the clocks following morning… "Fall back, Spring farward". We have cellphones and it does it automatically at night.  But not only your heating/A.C. unit or coffee maker need their clocks changed, you have to check or replace your smoke detector batteries. The only two locations in America that dest not have daylight savings time is Arizona and Hawaii. And with the progress of modern technology and computerized farms probably could do away with the time change twice a year. And besides our cellphones set the time automaticly on thee days. 

Countries such as Japan who is very punctual does not have the daylightsavings time, if they did would total mayhem. In one article stated said that many work force performance would be affected. Japanese conducted an experiment in the late 1940's and it failed. In early 2000's Ministry of Japan was thinking about it but acording to their survey 57% supported the idea but 29% was against it. There had been many discussions but it was never implamented. The issue came to topic after Tohoku Earthquake in 2011, to conserve electricity and energy consupshion. And not only that, restless nights can lead to very unpleasant health problems like stress, cerebrovascular disease and depression. And again recently, with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Olympic Comitions thought of implementic the idea, so they can protect athletes from heat exhaustion. Farmers are agaist the idea because animals like regular feeding and milking schedules.

And we all have been there. To be honest, I have no idea why (in many places) daylight savings time exists and those who don't are lucky not to have it. I love summer weather but I hate losing an hour of sleep. But in autumn, almost every is happy that they will sleep one hour longer and on the flip side some complain that 5PM feels like 2AM. Don't you feel like, you are using more power in colder months? Take a look at your bill. I would not be surprised how much it costs.

In Scandinavia or Alaska (Arctic Circle to be more specific) during winter months the day is very short, especially in arctic circle. During summer the sun sets at 9pm or even later. Do you really want to have 24 hour sunshine? But in winter you would get 24 hours of darkness. Personally, I feel like a bear… when it's cold out, I want to stay in my cozy bed until March. Now if you ask a person who is from a region that deos not observe daylight savinga time and if they ask you why your region need time change for specific season and my response it's to have much light as possible.

Personally, I really would get rid off the daylight saving time entirely. It is chaotic and confusing.

© E. P. Sendecki / EeroSendTheKey