Good Bye, 2018

January 22, 2019

I'm not grandpa and I am not that old… yet. This year I will be 30 years old. I don't want to age but I want to say instead, 30 years of experience. But everything that I owned and still have feels already vintage. I am going to miss the simpler times when smartphones where a craze and a fad but now they are an necessity to keep us connected. I like to take peaks at books and just turning pages. Although I can find information much faster on Google. I can't wait what else technology will replace. Will this be a good change?

I had my tenth year high school reunion in November and we were reminiscing the good days. High school is probably the best chapter in a person's life. As 2019 is on a pretty good start, at least for me. 2018 was one crazy year. In the media was obsoletely nuts. As we are slowly approaching February, we hope this new year will be better… I do not have what this year will bring, we have to wait and see. As for myself, it was pretty good and productive last year. I love my job even more and I got very much used to what I'm doing but past few months gave me more opportunities and afoot into a door of something amazing. And in April it will mark two years since my  permanent employment. I had pipe dreams and they are pretty much dead. I realized that being an mentor, advocate and an role model is a perfect fit. And I am achieving that dream. 

I always wanted to be an mentor and new adventures are coming knocking at the door. And 2018 was that year and 2019 will guide me to that goal. Hearing what politicians say, I always felt like I want to say something. Being an advocate for people with disabilities that who are either shy, weaker or can't stand up for themselves and speak up for their needs. And this will be very rewarding for being a voice for others who want a job. As for the news, I normally go with the flow but for past few months I couldn't turn off CNN. That's right! Don't judge me… I watch CNN. And thought MTV was bad, but the bad channel is Fox News. I don't blame Fox, but their news devision is so one dimensional, as it comes to social issues. And the news became so repetitive that I got enough of it. In September, I bought PlayStation and I play it on the weekends and on my days off. I grew tired of what I see on TV. I am either on my computer or playing games in my room. It gives me an escape for a little while from the real world.


But what happened in 2018 was, we lost many famous people. It is really sad. One of which is Stephen Hawking a physicist who believes that there is much much more that our own lonely solar system. From black holes to extraterrestrial life on other planets and universe. Do I believe that there might be life on other planets? Yes, I do. Sadly he died from ALS, a disease that paralyzes muscles. He was diagnosed with this horrible condition when he was in college I his early 20's. His doctors have said he doesn't have much longer to live. What is fascinating, Steven Hawking beat all odds and lived fulfilling life and lived fulfilling and interesting life. Stephen Hawking slowly was losing his ablity to talk and was only able to manuver his wheelchair and talk with stwiched in his cheek. He made an appearance like on The Simpsons. He said numerous times that our universe is full of wonder. He also believed that there are numerous numbers of universities. And in each televised appearance, there where new theories and studies. Is there an universe that there is a cure for Neurofibromatosis? I for sure believe it. And I also think that there is an universe without snobs. Stephen Hawking is and will be remembered as one of many brightest minds!

In my other articles I briefly touch on the best periods in my life and generally everyone's. But as I look into history, I would say that my favorite part would be European history. Especially World Wars and Cold War. It is interesting who grew into most powerful army and lost, and who won but everything fell apart in the process through corruption, violence and lies. America is relatively young nation, but it also had interesting and eventful past and also it is fascinating on how the democracy has transformed to modern times. As I am running my blog for 3 years now and I am hoping to expand to more interesting things.

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