Pipe Dreams

February 26, 2017

As a child, since I could do even basic math or count to backwards I wanted to be a train conductor. Especially high speed line types. It was super unrealistic pipe dream… I have gone on Amtrak jobs webpage in the past and the expectations are rather serious. I don't know what kind of operator I would but to be honestly I would make not a very good one. Math is not my strength is not to par. The job is stressful and demanding. But only good quality I have is time management. 

Timetable changes every day due to obstacles and weather. And you always have to be vigilant and react quickly to emergencys. Everything is on your mind, passengers who trust you to get them to theri destinations safely. 

With technology changing, public transportation getting major improvements. Faster and automated is now the norm. Train operators soon will sit now in a control room instead of their cab. 

In fact almost everything is computerized. Many places from grocery stores to banks, even small airports have computers so there won't be any need for human touch. Truckers are looking at self-driving vehicles or are replaced with drones. But this has catch on… I would give it at least another ten years.  

I look at people with their different abilities I am very surprised. And what I have learned over the years is I am slow typer but I can navigate computer programs well. I know how to be organized and clean but with my limitations I can lift so much. I was very upset and I was geting very impatient that my dream job will not come at all. To be honest, I have lost count where I called, how many resumes were printed, and how many e-mails and applications I sent out. 


Over the couple of years through the process of elimination I started to look for kind of jobs that don't require my energy but intelectual abilities. It really took a long time for me to relize it and from my adventures with health to actual reality, I finally found out that I like creating stuff, talking to others giving them my word of advice, helping them out in any way I can. Besides working and trying to create webpages, I thought I would be a good  mentor for people with disabilities or other problems. Can I juggle both? I know I can… besides, I am on the computer all day and working two jobs won't be bad at all.

© E. P. Sendecki / EeroSendTheKey