Artistic Mentor


October 7, 2016

This will be my first ever entry on my blog and I want to start with couple of things. For a very long time I wanted to have website of my own and make a name for myself. Having the necessary tools like my computer with design software and my trusty smartphone the world has opened up for me. It's really difficult for me sometimes to pick a specific topic. I am considering myself as a informed person, I love to watch documentaries weather it's technology, historical or public figure and even historical. I already have a YouTube page and to be honest, my first videos here and there are not that good, but I want to star fresh. And to be honest though my topics are clever I wouldn't consider it top notch material. I just spoke my mind… at lest it was a good practice. Now it's the time to buckle down and perhaps start my Internet career. 

In private conversations with my relatives and friends tend to speak very loud and with wisdom. I have few closest friends, that are either shy or down in the dumps. When I try to talking to them I feel like Dr. Phil. But to all the jokes aside, I had one friend who really went of the rails. Putting my entering efforts did not help. Eventually I have lost trust and my faith. Since I consider myself artistically self-taught and I speak my mind, those emotions can be written or drawn. 


I have a very hard time to find a stable employment so creating things online is a perfect path for successful future. Maybe I might not be knowledgeable about certain procedures or solutions to do the  particular project, with that I have turned to reding blogs or looking it up on video tutorials. If that turns not any help, this guy improvises and makes his way but eventually I find the way. There are two ways of doing things, the right way or the half-assed way. For those who already browsed around and know my name, you seen that I have many interests, but I really I would say that my hobbies are interests. I really like sharing and talking about all sorts of things that we have in common or have concerns with. Maybe my website will get some attention to eventually start my self-made journey. I would love to make professional friendships.

Over the years many of my closest friends have suggested, why don't you do this? Or most have said just do it… I want say theoretically to slay this fire breathing dragon, this beast had been sittilng blocking my path that I have built to success. And many had (or should I say have) the same problem. So I guess I'm not the only one. Well, let's put aside the pain and misery and focus on happiness. I would love to once again welcome to my page and feel free to look around other media  and read more of my articles that I will be publishing in the future.

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