Artists Dark Side

October 12, 2016

Being influenced by art you see what the artist might be feeling. So in my second entry I'm going to try explore a human mind. Now I have to admit that I don't have any psychiatrist know-how, but theoretically to emotionally put maybe I could. Artists suck as musicians write songs on material like the joy of driving to relationships. Let's take a Nas's hit "I know I can", the rap song is very poetic explaining how a drug use can lead up to in youth demographic to emphasize where they would end up. This particular track is very dark but it paints a clear picture. Other artists talk about relationships… some might be joyful, painful or a dirty fantasy. Listening to many songs, since I could distinguish sound by far my favorite songs would be romantic and about daily life issues. What does an artist feel? Let's take this painting as an example. 

This pairing is to illustrate the dedication to over 3000 souls lost on September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Like many drawing, paintings and  murals show the pain and suffering to showing that no matter how much trauma this day caused we can move on. This particular one shows some kind of post apocalyptical word with no future. 

Paintings such as "Scream" shows a person really in panic.  The particular painting you see above is in Museum Of American Art in New Britain CT. The first time I saw this painting, I thought it was well done but to its gargantuan size it feels like a jetliner crashed in front of you. Take a trip to Connecticut and see it for yourself, and judge it for yourself. The museum is big and very nice place to visit.


What would you describe a happy painting? A nice mountain scenery perhaps or even a collage with random objects… In my imagination tab I specified that human emotions, especially female can take someone's  attention. For example a little blond girl picking daisies (roses, maybe hydrangeas in this case) in a countryside. What this girl feels? What is her facial expression…? Nothing, she is so innocent and humble. With no care in the world she wants to pick and play in the field.

Just take a hospital pain chart, walk through the museum and look at every piece. On the scale from zero to ten. Zero meaning having a natural feeling and ten by this particular painting does not fit my taste. Describe the art work.

My bedroom walls are grayish blue color, very soft and cool. But I don’t have any picture, yet alone a poster. Being one who is a simplistic type, I would be hard for me to pick. I dont know… maybe Picasso's geometric shapes.

© E. P. Sendecki / EeroSendTheKey