Museums and Art


You might be thinking a picture of a building. So what! I love museums
 I love art. I really can't rally say what would be my favorite piece but I like aspecially modern and paintings. I don't knowif I could  pick favorite artist, but I guess it would be by far Norman Rockwell, Bakst and Andy Warhol.  But in general as for works in paintings I like scenery or people doing daily tasks. For sculptures I lean toward modern, statues and random objects. Other works include graffiti and murals like Banksy. All of the above if the work is super flashy and has a level of significance in history or pop culture it really captures my attention. Now Let's touch up more on individual artist, first with Banksy. I live going in to the city and there is always something written on the painted on the wall. But I dont like gang tagging. Since Banky's work revolve in uran areas  it can feture anything from public disagreements to political turmoil. Andy Warhol focused his works on commercialism making fun and colorful medium. And finally Norman Rockwell, he painted many paintings  ilustrating real life from family holidays, to political and personal issues. Rockwell was a front cover illustrator for Saturday Evening Post magazine. Living in the North-East of America is rather special. New York and Boston has many art museums and shops. I personally have visited them and it’s a joy to visit. What would your favorite art piece if you had to chose? 


FACT: Many artisans create a work of art to support someone's message or spread some sort of movement. A Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is possibly one of the most powerful and influential artist in the world. Almost all of his art represents now China represents it self in the world, and many installations caused controversy. And due to rather heavy restrictions on freedom of speech the artist got arrested and after release from jail to freedom his every move is monitored, and even online. Also according to many sources artist such as painters, poets, writers and even architects suffer from depression and schizophrenia. I have witten an article about how art can impact the world.    


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