I Am Heart Broken

July 13, 2017

I can not decide where am I going to put this entry. I decided to put this entry on my article page because it will benefit and give a you some clarification and insight what this article will be about. Earlier this month I had a team meeting at work and when I was there, we are sharing updates about our clients who are looking for a job or who alredy got one. But my state where I live is in massive debt and budget crisis.  And I can understand that the state needs to save money but our local politicians are blindly cutting money that keep our streets clean or special programs serving our community. Sadly they do not notice whom it will effect the most. When citizens feel the pinch or fear that something will be cut, we are and we will be calling our politicians out on it. So what is going on? I have touched a bit on this in previously.


I am working in a non-profit organization that gets the money from the state funds. Many clients whom I see on regular basis live in DDS group homes or are supported by them, clients go to day programs to learn necessary skills for daily living. Due to their conditions some are very independent but need help like with paying bills, finding work and giving them a place to sociolize with friends. And there are clients who need one-on-one attention or they are severely disabled and can't even work. At the meeting I was horrified what our governor is doing. When we were told that some positions might be eliminated, that was a real kick in the teeth. I love working! I love my job! In the future there is a plan for me to have more working hours. But with current budget cuts in the state might cut the funding to these wonderful places, I may get a pink slip the moment I sit at my desk. Where I work my co-workers and bosses are super nice and kind hearted. These wonderful people who dedicate their time and effort to help others who are weaker are role models and it would be a shame to lay them off. I told this to my mom when my workday was over and she was worried. I have my own limitations and it would be hard for me to find something else. Unemployment for the disabled or for those who have some kind of limitations the procentage is is in double digits and at many jobs there is no diversity. Everyone needs dreams of being accepted.

Programs for people with special needs had been around for many decades and like many of them created by group of parrents so their disabled children could gather. And I hate to get political (again) but if places like these don't exist, children, young adults and even senior citizens with special needs would not have a place that gives them a level of security and a comforting feeling that they are accepted in the daily society. 


Like myself and many of our participants, I have a lot in common with them. I had a hard time searching for work and I have lost count how many emails I have sent, how many places I called and how many applications I have filled out. I was so angry, I felt sorry for myself and I was blaming everyone that nobody is hiring. Now my new and first job is gaving me chance to shine. Even though I  just working started professionally, I feel like I am making a change in peoples lives.  I introduced and shared few ideas already that may benefit our clients. Many regions are already cutting funds to these places across the country and it hurts. If the funding will be cut, people with special needs will not have a place to hang out, learn new skills or getting help in finding work. And if funding for DDS group homes will be cut, sadly these individuals will have to move to a institutions where they maybe neglected or back to their parents who maybe too weak to take care of them. I don't want for anyone to live under the bridge. How horrible that would be!

My history working in such place is very unique. My mom works for a different organization that is literally three blocks ways. I have worked volunteered for them and one of her bosses knows me. They gave her a contact  and my mom sent the email to share few things about me. When I could not find any kind of job, my mom thought it would be nice for me to attend a day program just to get me out of the house. We have scheduled and meet the person who is in charge of day program services. The meeting was very pleasant and it had a very warm atmosphere, I presented my resume, I have shared my job history and what are my ambitions in life. When I was asked what I want to do in life, and without any hasitation I said that I want to be a mentor. And when we toured the whole building me and my mom were introduced to the CEO. Then the rest is history. Now I am employed since April 2017, as a Administrative Assistant Job Developer. Networking never disappointed anyone!

I understand that some things need to be cut or disbanded, but look at whom you are hurting right now. On the behalf of all mentors and people with special needs, I ask you politely… People want for these slices of heaven to exist. Please recalculate and reconsider your decisions on state budget. 

© E. P. Sendecki / EeroSendTheKey