One Of My Favorite TV Show Was Fake

March 7, 2018

For a auto fanatic I wish could speak for any mechanic's behalf if I knew how to repair an engine. As I was in my middle school and high school years, I've seen shows like Monster Garage and Pimp My Ride. And to be honest these were only two reality shows I enjoyed watching. Monster Garage was a show that used challenging tasks to buy a car and modify it to something crazy on a budget of $5000 or less. Turning typical cars into monstrosities. I can't remember from top of my head what project was my favorite. But a wedding chapel and a custom hot rod were one of my favorites. I enjoyed Jesse James's bombastic mannerisms. After just one week Monster Garage team of mechanics had to test it if it worked. When the car did not, it was destroyed.

And I remember when I was in wood and auto shop class in high school, I used to watch random episodes with classmates when we had a substitute teacher. The bad part was they couldn't run the class normally because the sub was not qualified to use the power equipment. ever the less, I loved that class because I could work with my hands. One of my favorite classes.


Going back  to cars. And since I like cars, each vehicle shows each person's individuality but some custom mods are pretty awful. And that's were Pimp My Ride comes in… show hosted by Xzibit who visited young adults who own cars in a worst condition you can imagine.  Each of these cars was taken to a garage with specialized staff turning $600 dollar car to $35,000 rolling piece of art. The customization were interesting. Some mods were and are very useless, they did not serve any purpose. According to many news entries and blogs, these drives had made worst decisions ever by getting their cars pimped. One owner who got his Buick Century back filled with very loud audio system. And after a happy reunion, the car stoped running after few days. This owner tried to sell it on the internet but he got an offer from and sold it to one of Pimp My Ride's sponsors that supplied the speaker system. MTV is very havily comercialized. Some owners did in fact sold it through auctions like EBAY. Even though they couldn't not, because of a MTV agreement stated that they can't sell their car gift.  Whatever the reason was we can leave the question responses to them. In later seasons one individual's Totota RAV4 stopped in the middle of the road and went up in flames, after the show went off air. I have watched every Pimp My Ride episode about twice and there where only about five episodes that were good.
But did you know that Pimp My Ride was fake? Neither did I. Many scenes were staged. And here are very sad details...  Depending where you live some vehicle modifications were illegal or hazardous, so they were placed only temporary for show. TV, overexaggeration. Pimp My Ride was heavily criticized for doing only the cosmetic work. I guess this is what people mean by you can't polish a turd. Some cars that had mechanical problems and did not get new parts or fixed at all. Even worse owners drove off with their cars in worse condition. When they show was interviewing the owner, some stories were fabricated. 

There was another show I liked and seen parts of it is Overhaullin', were a frend or a relative of the car owner called the show and phenomenal car mechanics and designers to fix their project cars without their knowledge. The reasons were illness, death or the owner got hurt and couln't fix it anymore. Some episodes show individuals who make importance by giving back to the society (why not to surprise them). Car restoration can be very expensive and when other important priorities come, the project is put on hold or left behind for many years. This show was believable and the connection between the vehicle and the owner or family was touching. 

If I had a awful car, I would not do a single thing to it… but I would get rid off every scratch and shampoo the apolstry, only if it smalled like an ashtray. Restore it to original condition, leave the theater eauqipment in my livingroom, it does not belong in the car... put in things that are useful and can actually use. Unlike Pimp My Ride, I only want durability, stearing wheel and comfort. Plus, do not paint your car pink. The only car that looks tasteful in such color is 1959 Caddilac DeVille, the one with tail fins on the back. 

© E. P. Sendecki / EeroSendTheKey