New Year- Another Year

January 14, 2018

Another year is history. On October 2016, I started my website and I blogged about many warious topics from my life to daily events of our society. I don't want to call myself crazy but rather passionate. Every month I get more and more serious, and particularly 2017 was very special to me. I was very busy and it was time well spent. I got my dring lisence in July and I couldn't be any prouder. I have accomplished somehing that I wanted to do since I turned sixteen but my health condition that needed chemotherapy and surgery was a prioty, plus I felt I was too immateur. So I waited, until I got fed up with being stuck at home. I am very strong strong and eager person, but I take chances with cation. And when it came to driving and studying for the test I took one step at the time.
Public transportation in America is not as advanced or excesseble like in Europe… you need a car or someone esle to relly on. My grandma said, that without a vehicle, you feel inmodile. And nothing is in walking distance in America. Maybe if you live within large cities like New York City or Boston. I have never thought that I would drive a car. My mom have joked on one or two ocasions that I should have a Tesla… these cars are seriously expensive. And personally I would prefer a car that is more analog. Now I am working on getting a car.


I have a job and since April, and finally someone gave me this chance, to be a member of the working force. I love it and I love seeing all the smiles welcoming me in the morning. My job is challenging but very fun! I always try to look for improvements and help people around. Personally I hated Mondays, but I always look forward to my work day. And I am still looking forward making my career in graphics. I have other ideas and even activities that I want to try out but did not have a chance to due to cost or inexperience. I am always optimistic and since 2017 treated me with fantastic results, I don't see why 2018 should be any different because it will be awesome! I can't wait what his year has to offer. but if it would be scietificly possible I want the time to stand still, maybe slower.

I will be taking a breake form rambling about politics. We already had couple crazy months and some events caused outrage and some think it is no big deal. I have a huge heart and I care about people around me that influence my life every time I step outside… or online.

I am grown adult, but I am a child at heart. I like to think about my past, how my friends and other people arround me had influenced my personality. 2018 will be another good year… I am eager to see what the world had to offer. I really want to see more robots, even though I don't want to see taking all the jobs form humans… or devices that make life easier. I can't wait to see what the technology has to offer, there is something new everyday. And I will continue with my blog. In the past, I was kind of unsure and rather private because, I did not know if people would understand what I want through. What I see now, kids are getting smarter and they are more curious. If people want to know what I am like or have any questions, and that's why I have my blog. What I don't want to see any more treands and are these many quiete stupid ones. 

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