Favorite Things About Japan (Part 3)

December 7, 2017

I have already shared my favorite anime and unique things about Japan from post-war recovery to robots. This is what I want to have in my house. As it comes to your home, Japan is awesome. I never been inside a Japanese, but I have seen many features on YouTube and I wish America could have these. One of which is taking of the shoes as you come inside. I am from Poland and almost all apartments and houses have a entryway, you have a coat hook and a place to put your shoes. I was very surprised that some homes don't have any entryway and you entered the kitchen or the living room. I was a little shocked that people walk inside the house with dirty shoes. Many people from Europe and Asian countries take off their shoes and put on slippers or walk aroound in socks. This article is not about weather you should take off your shoes or refuse food, and you probably you would force yourself to eat it, not to insult the host… this is not what I will talk about. These are awesome household items that I want in my house. 


1.) Kokatsu- When you have a coffee table, a small heater and a heavy blanket, you probably never thought of combining these there things. Kokatsu is a table with a built in heater. It was introduced in the 14th century. Kokatsu is being used mostly during winter months and it is very useful because most homes lack central heating. But in America we have a onesie or a blanket called, a Snuggie. It is mostly common in Japan, because in countries like Korea, they have radiant heating. And in America, people prefer fire places and drinking hot cocoa.


2.) Shoji- What makes a small room feel bigger? More windows… Traditional window screens are made from washi paper and the framing is made out of wood or bamboo. The unique feature of these window treatments is to provide sunlight while retaining privacy. There are many types of shoji window treatments.  They are also used as room dividers. Everything in Japan revolves around nature and the outdoors is implemented to make the room less clusterfobic. Just looking at this picture, does it make you feel at peace and conected with nature?  


3.) Bathroom- This is once of my favorites. In Japan you have a shower room, but it's supposed to get all wet. Japanese people like to take their showers first before they go into the tub. It is a form of relaxatin and they will spend very long time in the tub, and this is like a ritual dating centuries.  What I really want in my house is a toilet, with a spray nozzle that sprays your butt clean and the seat keeps you warm.  In some large homes in Europe, we have seperate bidets. Not only that there is a toilet models with a sensors, a sound track to drown out sounds. and all kinds of crazy features. Japnese take their body hygene very seriously.


4.) Tokonoma- This is a simply a built in alcove. It is used for artistic display. The scrolls that hang on the walls and a small flower pot, depicting seasons or specific and events and they are changed often. Tokonoma can be used as an place to put the urn of the depatrded. The alcove sits one or two inches above the floor in a room with tatami floors and when there is a dinner party or a tea ceremony, the main host sits infront of it. With modernization, there will be a wise guy, who will put his TV in it, and entertainment system does not belong there.

Japan has a very unique culture, style and the homes are one of my favorites things and I wish I could have few of them in my own home. What is your favorite feature? Personally I wish I could say all of them but it is hard to pick. If I had to pick right now, it would be a room with shoji windows. It is so cool to open the dividers and make a room bigger or block out the bright sun rays, yet keep the room bright, and secpnd would be a bathroom. I have left the appliances and for the gadgets for an other time.  

© E. P. Sendecki / EeroSendTheKey