This Time Flys By Fast

May 30, 2017


On May 18th, I turned twenty-eight years old. Through out my life I witnessed a lot! In few articles I have talked about my summer camp, technology and my struggles in life. The world had treated me very nicely so far… I have a job (finally). I began my employment in the beginning of April of this year, as an Administratorative Assistant Job Developer in a non-profit company and  I am in charge of helping in finding a job for people with special needs. It is a little tricky, because not everyone is ment to work physically or in the cushy job in the office. Disability or not everyone is different. When I was told not to sleep at work, I made fun of myself that I should work as an Mattrace Salesman. But this job what I have now is very nice and my boss, along side with co-workers are friendly and cultured. With some problems of my own, I have a lot to share and I can utilize my talents. My best friend since Middle School has Autism… he might need guidance and detailed instructions, my friend is very happy to do the task. A lot of special needs individuals will do any job or task, which nobody else will.

Speaking of changes, I heard a lot catch phrases, lingoes and slang that nobody uses. I have used the word retarded in the past on couple of occasions. Now… I have never labeled anyone a retard! (Maybe the cast of Jackass) it was funny while it lasted. I used this word for my dissatisfaction for something materialistic or managerial style of personnel. I admit yet again, no one is perfect. So there for, I am stopping the use of this outdated word. Talk to the person with special needs and you will find both things you might enjoy. Heck, even go to a ball game or any other activity.

On the personal side... have you noticed something? I like adult humor. Of and on, I sometimes catch few episodes of South Park on TV or online. While I was watching the show, I liked Eric Cartman from the very start. A spoiled, bombastic  ten-year old brat. I am free spirited individual as this fictional character. Now my least favorite character in the show would be Sheila Broflovski, one of Eric's friend's mother. Every time she came on, she has this annoying twine in her voice and has to always complaiun about something others are doing wrong. But I think I would have to give this place to PC Principal. I hate (this charecter) him the most and his college buddies are no better either! His nasty ego makes my gut shrink and he blows his top when others don't use correct terminology for today's society. 

I was told at times how to use certain words properly. I see how time and change has shapped the world, in this case language we use. If someone is disabled, I laught when they are telling jokes. And I applaud, these who are standing up for themselves and vice versa because they are weaker or identify themselves differently. Sadly but true many of us are afraid of what our parents or friends will say. People are scared… we just need to except the fact that even little events will make an impact on the world.

© E. P. Sendecki / EeroSendTheKey