I Don’t know where to start on this one. Since the new millennium we have been introduced to new technologies and ideas. In recent years robots are becoming helpful. Maybe not like these but like Romba vacuums or Asimo personal office assistant. Japan introduced us to robots in past centuries ago with mechanical windup dolls. These dolls used tiny gears, levers and connections. Today they are programed by software… there are robots that help you with heavy lifting or disarming bombs and even assist in medical therapies. Japanese are on top place for robot production and technology research. The robots pictured here are research prototypes and they can be used in etertaiment industry. Sadly according to many articles and presentations, robots are used for short amout of time due to overheating. And battery like on HRP-4C (pictured above) lasts between 15 minutes to 2 hours. Regardless the short usage battery technology is getting more and more advanced. These robots are very impressive! One cool teaching tool is used in one dental school. Who developed a robot patient robot that uses reflexes when feeling pain and also can gag when operated on. Now when the students can predict and see how their future patients behave in office during operatians. Inconceivably, we still use plastic dentures to study oral hygiene. And with artificial intelligence advancing sooner or later we will have an robotic partner. Honestly I would prefer a human being. Computer robot technology development began a little after a popular original anime Astroboy premiered back in the 1960's. No offense to Apple's Siri, the Japanese really hit this one out of the park. 


FACT: In some Japanese pancake stands, robots cooks and serve meals. In Arizona one McDonald’s location will have robots that will replace kitchen staff and cashiers. But there will be someone who will have mantain them. 

© E. P. Sendecki / EeroSendTheKey