Japanese Garden


Personally I think without any doubt Japan is by far the most beautiful country in the wolrd. Anyone can say their own gardens are beautiful. If there was a competition to design and grow gardens, Asians would take a top price. The reason Japan is praised in my eyes are their outstanding care and detail to any product they produce. Sure they make wonderful appliances, cars that can be tortured and still run, and computer robots. But gardens are breathtaking. European gardens yet very nice but are very simmetrical (very Tetris like) and splashed with luxury. Japan gardens take different approach. I really love the odd shapes and total randomness. The Japanese in simple words say, just plant this here and put the rock over there, plant flower pots near the entry and let the nature take it course. But throughout thousands of years Japan found many method and tools to plant and maintain their gardens. Now I am not a gardening expert but this is how I imagine my backyard to be. And yes many other countries are using the Japanese example and putting their own twist. The way Jpapanese way of thinking artistically, nature takes a huge importance in life.   

NOTE: I really love Japan and I have watched many documentaries from personal daily life to the yakuza. I don't own this picture but have found it to a park in California on the internet.

© E. P. Sendecki / EeroSendTheKey