Advancements In Medine


March 30, 2020

I haven't made an entry in article section in a long time. As we rang 2020 with fanfare and pretty much everything was either uneventful to totally crazy. And we are not even halfway through. With an outbreak of Covid-19 or Corona Virus that originated in China. I don't even want to point fingers who is or what was the cause of the international emergency. But my website is a happy place that appreciates life.


When the epidemic hit United States, I have prayed that it will not spread even further. Sadly it did,… and in what a rate! Every medical facility around the word is working on the cure. I have a huge appreciation for doctors and scientists. Diseases come and go with wonderful inventions and discoveries, and most of them were accidental. Now fast forward decades and even centuries with continuous improvement, we may achieved things we did not before. One discovery was in 1799, Humphrey Davy discoverer of Nitrous used as an anesthesiologists needs for surgery. Or six year earlier, 1796 Edward Jenner, a person who discovered a vaccination for small pox. 

I have written one or two articles regarding Neurofibromatosis and my health if it can be cured, I started to wonder can you get rid off any disease with gene therapy? I am not a scientist but could a cure for one thing can potentially cure unknown illnesses like with Covid-19? Picture this, if you live in America or Europe and wonder, how come Chinese people are more immune to to things we may not be? How can it be? We maybe guessing forever. And what kind of illness will be next?

Regardless if this an article about the virus pandemic or my condition, I like doctors who take risks and put their own lives on the line to save our's. Maybe in few months we can have a cure for this awful illness that has put our daily life on hold.

This article is kind of short but I want to expand and end on a major issue that I want to throw at the population. Get your flu shot! Vaccinate your kids! And don't give any idiotic reasons that flu vaccines give autism or the medicine has mercury or (I don't know, or that stuff that made The Hulk green). I do not want to hear that you don't have money to visit the doctor. Well guess what…? Flu shots are FREE at your local pharmacy. I am not a scientist, but without proper vaccination you will get sick, your child will not be allowed in school. If you argue, I think your parental rights should be taken away.  And don't be affraid of needles. It does not hurt at all. And with the corona virus, we may as well get vaccinated every year not to get it. Just like with the flu.

Living in the capitalist society, I thought equipment and facilities are plentiful. I never thought we would run out of ventilators and simple things like surgical gowns and masks. Using garbage bags is to me unthinkable! American healthcare should be overhauled and after the crisis with the Corona Virus that might be the case. Respect and honor your doctors and nurses and scientists who keep us healthy!

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